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Sallomandyrs are from Yaikan galaxy, and grow to be about the size of a large house-cat (taller, since they're bipedal, but size-wise/weight-wise that's how big they are.) They resemble chubby miniature T-Rexs and typically only have a single row of spiny hairlike extrusions, which may be compact, or may not. They're quite furry.

They tend to be very friendly and only bite when teased, making them a popular pet. Their typical life-span is two years.

Gestation for sallamandyrs is three weeks once the eggs are laid. It doesn't take that long to form eggs (they're much like chickens in that regard.) Sallomandyr's are like crocodiles when laying eggs or guarding a clutch - very protective.

Normally, Sallomandyr chicks grow VERY fast, because they're normally... small. The eggs are fully formed, then fertilized and laid a short time later after the fetus has begun growing and before it's too big to fill the egg. With Epsy's eggs, they're half the size of the egg when laid, which was ten days ago storywise. They should hatch in another nine or ten days. They can tolerate a a wide range of environments and rain is not a problem, unless it were really, really cold. The nest is made to drain water and the rocks, leaves and ground are very warm. The eggs are not hard like chicken eggs, nor leathery like an alligator's egg, but covered in an elastic shell.