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Random Set - Speed/Poison/Ice - Active: Speed
1st Bonding Unknown
2nd Bonding Unknown
3rd Bonding Raccoon
Shira Lexx

Sil, aka Coon of Doom. Raccoon mix with a lot of nasty temperament. A departure from overly cute and cuddly raccoons - he has glowing red eyes and branching tentacles where wings normally attach to the back. The extra limbs are as hard as steel at the points. He has a potent poisonous bite that weakened Lexx for a bit when being captured, and is bad tempered enough to run away even after being captured. (AD Day 15, strip 7)

Sil, primary ability, Speed, secondaries, poison and ice. He's not a creature that is really all that cuddly or pleasant to be around. Actually, ... he's quite hostile and the extra arms are as hard as steel at the points.

It took three tries to catch him. Lexx first brought Stealth, who was in a bad mood and couldn't find him, then Zeta, with no luck, and finally brought Energy... by which time it was dark. (AD Day 15, strip 4)

He's good at hiding, and will likely spot those coming after him first and attack them. (AD Day 15, strip 4)

  • First appeared in AD Day 15, strip 4