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Random Set - Deception/Light/Hologram - Active: Deception
1st Bonding Unknown
2nd Bonding Unknown
3rd Bonding Red Tail Hawk
Shira Lexx

When Sythe was first encountered, Chel noticed that Sythe did not cast a shadow, as well as that his feathers change shades of blue from dark to white depending on how the light hit them. (AD Day 16, strip 11)

He's very slippery - his feathers are like an incredibly soft down, and he's very difficult to hold onto unless held just right. Lexx had to put the tagging ring on one of his foot spurs, being the only place that would hold the ring without it slipping off. (AD Day 16, strip 13)

He's good friends with Fly, and can talk with him for hours - their base pairings were litter-mates. Although he loves flying, pretending to fight with Fly during their 'battle' is boring... plus he didn't like Fly pulling out feathers to keep up the show, since he couldn't do the same back without seriously hurting Fly. (AD Day 16, strip 11)

He was used to battle Skri because he is faster than she is, and could wear her down. (AD Day 18, strip 19) Streaks of light in the sky show where Sythe is flying. (AD Day 18, strip 20)

Lexx used Sythe to capture Siphon, after Siphon was distracted by Energy. He's currently a good flier, though has problems when his wings are wet.

  • First appeared in AD Day 16, strip 9