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Comic: Black Rose
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Started 11/1/04

This comic was originally posted on November 1st, 2004. The idea was given to me in June of 01 by someone asking if I had anything involving vampires… which I really don’t, not real ones. And within two months I had written up the entire first book of Black Rose. It’s been slow to get started due to so many other obligations. - Syke

Black Rose takes place in a world in which Vampires, Lycans and the arts of alchemy thrive, behind the scenes. The numbers of Vampires have been reduced after centuries of being hunted by the ancients, humans who reside in the forbidden cities, such as Arcadis. These humans have made it their mission to hunt down and destroy the abominations that exist in the world.

The majority of Vampires pretty much IGNORE the hunters, keeping to their veils of land, hidden from the eyes of mortals... not that mortals are observant enough to notice anything strange going on under their own noses. The very thing that allows Vampires and Lycans to exist is the loss of true belief that they exist. That and they look very human most of the time and are very careful to hide their existence.

Lycans are kept as willing servants to some, slaves to others and sources of food. Lycans typically can take one or two forms and are not limited to being merely wolves. Wolf form Lycans are actually a minority in this day and age.

And.. the actual subject of the story is the changing of times and the Vampire council suddenly taking note of their decline in actual vampire numbers. Fewer of their living kind, the Rose Orders, are choosing to transcend their mortal lives and accept the gifts awaiting them. (That could be because the gifts come with the curses of blood lust, a gradual degradation of emotions and feelings besides anger and fear,... and the loss of the ability to bear children.) Something is going to be done....

There are no sparkling vampires. Sparkling in this universe will get you killed very quickly.


Everyone in the Moonstone Vale works for their life there under Master Tobin, with those unable to work expected to make 'contributions'. As such, he sent for Sinae, who being lame could not work. Tobe, fearful that the as yet too young Sinae would not survive the repeat contributions required of her, attacked the guards sent to fetch her, took Laurn and Sinae, and fled.


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