14th Variation of a Theme on Mars

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14th Variation of a Theme on Mars is a fanfiction series written by Renessa (or renessa47) centering around a fictional group of students and teachers at Mars Academy in the music department. Specifically Talon Midael, Ellia Quint, Soida Hopea, Sriek Denae, and Lacern Helos are the characters that make up the main cast. However, many characters from Campus Safari make appearances, as well as cameos from other MARPG characters (Soida is a registered character in the RPG, and Talon is an owned NPC). The story takes place sometime within and after the current incarnation of Campus Safari, but the exact time frame isn't clear.

NOTE! The series is marked with a mature content warning (as well as a more specific warning for each episode), and should likely not be read by people under the age of 14.


Incomplete but currently updating. Episodes are uploaded to a thread in the Cyantian Chronicles Forum, but are also mirrored on Renessa47's DeviantArt account. There is no update schedule, and no planned end as of yet (although there are up to 16 with solid plans for them, and ideas after that); episodes simply come out when they do.


Talon Midael[1]: A 22 year old male wolf, standing at 7'7" with mahogany brown fur and light coffee-colored markings. However, he has his hair dyed flaming red with yellow bleached tips; which is also short for a male wolf, only reaching the middle of his back. He usually isn't seen far from his guitar or leather jacket, and the heavy influence from the recordings of Earth Rock available on Mars has him aspiring to be a Cyantian rockstar. His history is mostly covered in episode 7, with a few tidbits scattered before then.

Soida Hopea[2]: A 31 year old female blue fox. She's 5'2" and a little chubby, but not unattractively so. Her fur is a particularly dark ocean blue with an icy blue underside. Her right hand is the lighter blue, while her other hand and both feet are black. From a childhood accident, her tail is a little shorter than most fox and comes to a poofy blunt end with just a little bit of black. Her face is devoid of any markings but her ears are black tipped, each of which has a small silver stud earring near the top. Most of her black hair she keeps very short (maybe five inches long all around) except for the shoulder length bangs that frame her face. Her eyes are a very dark brown. She was born deaf and after her parents left the fox lands just before the plague, a generous old wolf became the family sponsor and paid for bionic implants to allow her to hear. Because she received them around the age of 9, she still has a very choked and gutural sounding voice and still sees a speech therapist by choice. Her last name Hopea is adopted, by permission, from the kindly old wolf Adilis Hopea.

Soida has three younger brothers: red twins Alku and Lintu, and the orange youngest Palikko. They make an appearance in the story as well.

Ellia Quint: A 21 year old female liger mounty, standing at 6'8" with dark red fur and sporadic tan striping. Her hair is that same tawny color, and kept long with bangs. Her eyes are red-brown and slightly slanted. She's specializing in percussion within the music program, but has a knack for song writing as well, and doesn't really have a set idea of what she wants to do when she graduates outside of it being something musical. Her history will be covered in the series.

Sriek Denae[3]: A 28 year old red and gold female wolf who keeps herself in very good shape due to her history in show business and stands at 7'9". Since childhood she's kept her golden hair very long; although it's at it's longest yet while at Mars, reaching down to her calves. Most of her is red, but her face is covered in a heart shaped marking of gold that trails down her neck and then out again across her chest. The tips of her fingers are gold, and the bottom of her feet with mottled pink and black pads. Her eyes are dark amber with thick brown lashes. If she comes out the door in the morning without more than six pieces of jewelry on, you can be sure there is something wrong. She's always decked out in something, usually matching sets she's gotten her hands on, or commissioned, and usually bells and hand pounded coins are featured to add a little music to her walk. Her clothes tend to be something figure-accentuating and sexy, even while she works but she does stay modestly covered while teaching. Sriek was a child star who turned her back on the entertainment industry in her teens when people she trusted betrayed her. She turned to teaching voice and also functions as a part time private speech therapist to any one who is referred by her current clients.

Lacern Helos: A 33 year old male gold fox; a little tall for his species at a little over 5'4". He's light gold over all, with cream mask-like and tear-stain markings. His chest, hands, and feet are also cream, but his hair is a darker and more orange-gold. The end of his tail is a band of cream ending in white. He tends to wear a mish-mash of high end, expensive clothes, and older home-made and somewhat ragged items. He starts out as the in-house vet at Soida's brother's business, but when they come to Mars to look into opening a second shop there, he decides to apply for a teaching position and allow one of his apprentices back on Cyantian to be promoted. His history is covered in episode 6.

Minor Characters

Jakerd: A huge, black, male wolf who is also a final year music major, friend to Talon and Ellia, and one of Talon's room mates.

Herad: A somewhat short, gray male wolf from a rich background; also a final year music major, more Talon's friend than Ellia's, and Talon's third roommate.

Fejin Majinai[4]: A male taboa, one of Soida's favorite students and a second year music major. Also a registered character in the MARPG.

Tern: A female snow leopard mounty, majoring in Lift Mechanics, and one of Ellia's roommates.


Episodes usually span a few significant days in the life of some of the characters, and hop in between groups as things happen. There can be long breaks of time in between the happenings of each episode, but there is no standard. Usually the lives of the teachers and students are separate, but sometimes collide in academic and nonacademic settings. All of the major student characters are final year music majors, and both Soida and Sriek are music professors, but Lacern (who was a later addition and didn't appear in the first few episodes) is a new teacher in the Veterinary program.

Episode 1: Resolution Day


Talon, Soida, Ellia, and Sriek are introduced, along with Talon and Ellia's friends: Jakerd and Herad. Talon, in a slight fit of stupidity, manages to offend Soida while staring where he shouldn't while she teaches class. His friends make fun of him for it, and Sriek is disappointed that Soida didn't give him detention for it. An idea is planted in Talon's head about the incident, and he carries out on it, much to Soida's confusion...

Episode 2: Cruisin' for a Bruisin'


Tern gets a momentary introduction when it's revealed not all is well with Ellia, and that she'd rather keep that fact a secret. Talon, however, isn't so unobservant and pesters her about it. Soida meanwhile gets a huge surprise dumped in her lap by her brothers and has to rush off while Sriek covers for her. Later on at a bar, Talon finds out who it is that's causing Ellia's distress and vows to do something about him...

Episode 3: An' She Said DOC-TER!


Soida's brothers arrive and drop another surprise on her: they brought their friend Lacern Helos. She takes them to the spare bedroom in her suite and lets them adjust from their space-lag. Ellia gets into deeper trouble, and Talon comes to the rescue, but Soida and Lacern manage to stop things before any one gets killed...

Episode 4: That Only a Mother Can Love


Darius comes down hard on Talon for what happened the night before, and because of Talon's previous bad behavior, he gives him an ultimatum. Palikko is forced to breech an awkward subject with Soida, and Lacern makes amends with her for the argument they had last night...

Episode 5: Away From the Sun


The brothers finish up their trip to Mars, but Lacern stays behind to finish up the series of guest lectures and interviews for his application to teach. The saber Talon fought finally gets out of medical and gets sent to the brig, and Darius releases Talon early due to what they found out. A jam session is had at Soida's, and after taking care of a few issues that arose while he was locked up for a week, Talon heads straight to the one person that matters...

Episode 6: Weathered


Lacern is in a trial period to get into a teaching position in the Veterinary program, and on a day where Sriek is busy Soida takes him out to lunch after his class. Here Soida discovers that once you get Lacern talking about his past, he doesn't shut up. Talon also manages to get Ellia to open up about some of what happened to get both of them into the dangerous mess they're in now...

Episode 7: When You Come Back Down


The new headmaster due to replace Darius comes just in time to deal with the sinister ring Ellia had gotten herself tied up in. Meanwhile, pressures from home force Lacern to return to Cyantia prematurely, and to face some feelings that had formed while at Mars. Kaine Midael, Talon’s father, makes a little visit to see if he can knock some sense into his son...