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Alpha is a term used for the leader of the ruling council among Wolves, but it is also a Wolf term used to refer to the Genetic Elite.

All of the Wolf Elite have particularily long life spans. Their aging slows once they hit puberty, which is annoying since most of them are stuck at the equivalent to teens for a very long time, and are therefore a lot shorter than their peers. They still grow, but at a much slower rate. Darius Akaelae is at best 6 feet in height, average for his age is 7. Syrys Akaelae is 7 something feet tall and fully grown, but it took him several hundred years to get there. It's kind of like a delay program, keeping them younger longer. The tradeoff is that once they hit the end of the delay, they age dramatically and really pay for it physically.

Currently ther are 12 Wolf Elite: Alpha (Kela), Darius, Sheana, Celina, Zax, Tae, Kea, Ravon, Syrys, Rama, Brynn, and Raire. Darius, Tae, Kea, and Ravon are siblings, Alpha is Darius' cousin, Syrys is their uncle. Rama is Sheana's half brother. Brynn is Rama's daughter and Alpha's crush. Sheana of course, goes for Darius. Darius hates all the females because they chase him all over the place. Tae and Kea are trouble since they're only ten year old twin girls. Ravon's a punk at age 19 and adores Celina. Zax wants Sheana, while Celina wouldn't mind Zax or Syrys. Syrys hates Rama and that feeling is mutual, as Rama hates all Akaelae. Rama tried to use Zax to kill all of the above.