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One of the moons of Cyantia, it is more of a planet than a moon in size and has a diameter approximately five times that of earth's moon. It has one small moon of its own which is a tenth of the size of our moon. Avistary is mostly tropical with an even atmosphere completely around the surface. It never rains and there are not any oceans on the planet. The atmosphere is made up mostly of a thin layer of mist. It completely revolves around Cyantia in the opposite direction in one day, rotating in such a way that Cyantia is never blocking the sun completely from reaching it. The second moon is 'dead' without an atmosphere.

Avistary Academy is located here, as well as a Genoworks lab (at first it became the main one when the Fox Military took over their primary facility on Cyantia, but the main facility has since been moved elsewhere, leaving this one as a minor facility).

It's supposed to also have a World Exploration Program. (Darius, strip 82)

It has been colonized by a bird-like race known as Avisterians.

Avisterian society is heavily flight oriented, with flightless birds being on the lowest rung of the social ladder. The majority of avisterians have legs exactly like their smaller counterparts, very birdlike, with Striker being one of the rare exceptions. (His feet are plantigrade due to an accident he had been in.)