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Not a race per-se, but, being widely separated to the other 'countries', the Alpine races developed a very own way of living.


The northernmost reaches of Cyantia are compromised mainly of islands and large bodies of frozen lakes for most of the year. During the winter's it is the harshest area of the planet and seemingly the least welcoming for anyone to live. Despite this, there are many Cyantians who call this region home. Namely a scattering of thick furred Felines, Lynx's, Snow Leopards and the occasional bobcat. Panda type bears, polar and grizzly bears, otter-like creatures and a variety of Cyantians usually found further south, including Wolves, are also not unheard of. Plant life in this frozen area is actually quite different than what might be expected. Frost Grass, Ice Fruit, Snowflowers, and various other cold weather plants flourish in the climate when the temperatures are at their lowest so that their seasons are a reverse of the southern continents. Frost grass is actually a bamboo like material with an edible inside. Large forests of it grow within the lakes, their shoots usually rising ten to fifteen feet off the water's surface. Ice fruit grows on the surfaces of the lake along with various other edible plants. Fish, seal and other land creatures are a main staple of the northern diet. Those Cyantians who do not live in the cities generally hibernate for at least a few months during the coldest of winter. It's dark there for months at a time anyway

Alpines come in several varieties, the species packages listed below represent a few examples.

  • Alpine - Bear (plantigrade) (6' 0" - 9' 0" in height)
  • Alpine - Bear, Kodiak (plantigrade)
  • Alpine - Bear, Polar (plantigrade)
  • Alpine - Bear, Panda (plantigrade)
  • Alpine - Lynx (semi-digitigrade) (5' 8" - 6' 3" )
  • Alpine - Snow Leopard (plantigrade) (6' 0" - 6' 4")
  • Alpine - Bobcat (semi-digitigrade) (5' 6" - 6' 1")
  • Alpine - Otter (semi-digitgrade, though nearly plantigrade) (4' 0" max)
  • Alpine - Arctic Fox (digitigrade) (~5' 0")


The majority of the inhabitants of the Alpine regions are not affiliated with any of the governments or civilizations they came from, but live here to escape the constant intrusion of mechanics and engineering. They choose to lead a simplified life, not inconvenienced by the complete hold of civilization. In short, those who choose the north as home want to live as their nature dictates over that of laws.


They do as they please within reason and have a republic form of government in which they elect a president every six years. To keep the peace, they can thank the Northern Guard, a group of enforcers established by the presidency upon the conception of the Alpine. Currently, it has gone corrupt and another militia group has sprung up referred to as the Tundra Guard, made up mostly of Snow Leopards and Otters who disagree with how things are running. Things are slowly dividing in the Northern regions with no end in sight for some time and hostilities rising as cities choose to side with the Tundra Guard or the Northern Guard through ... persuasion.


Large deposits of gems and priceless elements are located beneath the lakes of the northern land. Anyone who owns even a small portion of the land could destroy it and sell the minerals beneath to be set for life, but in doing so, the land would suffer and the creatures who live in it. While some of the inhabitants would be fine with this, the majority call this place home and wouldn't think of selling it out for mere money.


Cities are usually located within natural column-like stone formations that rise either above the water line or land. These offer a safe haven from being buried beneath the heavy winter snows and later the rising lakes from the spring thaws.

Transportation between cities and other parts of Cyantia is undertaken by several fashions, the standard space shuttles, transports, Lifts, etc serve for long range travel, while the natives of this icy land often make use of the heavily furred Northern Shivae or the Snow Gryphons as mounts.


The most common predators the otters run across are Northern Gryphons and a creature that looks like a cross between a seal and a polar bear (may possible be the Lourries)

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