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The Arsgadde love gardens and plant-life to the point that they grow their homes, every single part of it. The walls are one kind of plant, furniture another. They have chairs made out of several different kinds of plants and covered with a spongy fungus. Their floors are grass and they have a central canopy tree to serve as a roof. The canopy tree is usually hundreds of years old. (AD Day 6, strip 20)

Their stations itself are mostly organic, full of trees, and the patterns on the trees kind of look like the station. They're like organic Sicranium - the most powerful building material they have. It's impenetrable. It's also perfectly clear from one side. There is nothing in the universe that can pierce it, which of course, makes it hard to work with. Sheets have to be grown and molded over time, but the Arsgadde are excellent artisans in the process. They can build complete working ships in a matter of years just by growing them.

They are well known for their promptness. (AD Day 6, strip 21)

They were in charge of the Aidaron Falls Station that Lexx and Chel visited.It is a grown station with tiled paths leading through large gardens. The ceiling is clear, giving people view of the 'sky'. It is populated by a large variety of aliens, all non-humanoid.

In the gardens towering columns that look very much like trees are everywhere. Their trunks appear much too smooth to be natural and their branching limbs far ahead angular like wire. The leaves were almost completely round and a golden color. They rustle in an artificial breeze with an eerie tinkling sound like wind chimes. Cabi bushes surround the bases of the trees and shimmer with an oily texture. The leaves were engulfed in globes of a clear liquid and icicle like protrusions extended from the limbs. These are the fruit, which smell like vanilla and ooze bluish white juice. They prefer people not to eat the Cabi straight from the garden.

ADRPG Profile

The Arsgadde: An insectoid race that dwells on the jungle lush world of Gaddea.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: While they carry themselves about in a manner similar to humans, humanoid the Arsgadde are not. Their torso ends into a somewhat large abdomen that is kept suspended in the air. Accounting for almost half the species' weight, it contains vital organs. Nevertheless, to actually break the shell of the abdomen, despite its delicate appearance, is a mighty feat.

From the thorax are six legs, four of which accounting for what 'normal' legs and arms would be. The final two branch out from the creature's back. These extra appendages have a mass of long feelers that give the Arsgadde an exceptional sense of touch, being able to recognize a mate or relative by a simple brush or find the smallest flaw by caressing an object's surface.

The head has bulbous red eyes, with a functioning lower jaw and a pair of mandibles for the upper jaw. The head expands into a rigid crown, with a lock of hair dangling near the base of the crown. Crown size is considered a mark of prestige and many times the younger members of the species will cover their crowns in the presence of an honored elder.

The entire body is covered in a chitin exoskeleton and, standing on their hind legs, the Arsgadde are usually around 6 feet tall. Males of the species are generally found in colorations of gray and browns, the shade staying mostly consistent through the body. The females are generally larger in bulk and height, making them more adaptable to the time it is necessary to carry eggs. Their abdomens are also a glorious palette of prismatic colors, the brighter the colors, the more promising a mate.

SOCIAL STRUCTURE: Deeply in tune with nature, the Arsgadde are in love with all plant life. So in tune are they, that they actually grow their homes, floors and roofs one type of plant, while furniture may consist of various vines and loam. Arsgadde mate for life and keep their families in the same household for usually a generation or two, growing a new home that the later generations can start their own lives in.

The Arsgadde are quite sentient, not being enslaved to any sort of hive mentality (although this freedom was actually obtained through the Arsgadde's evolution). They are still quite willing to help out other members in the community, donating seeds to repair damages and take in members that are currently homeless or falling on hard times. This hospitality is unbiased, shown to all races. The Arsgadde are very humble and good- natured. However, should they be angered, they can attack with a ferocity seen in few.

The beauty of Gaddea gives the Arsgadde a philosophy of finding beauty in life. Death is tragic, but also understood as a necessary part of the cycle to rebirth. Nevertheless the arts of the Arsgadde always celebrate life. This comes in many mediums, including music, gardening, and dance.

ROLE IN THE SETTING: The Arsgadde were one of the first to join the Galactic Council in its infancy, and there have been few greater contacts since then. The Arsgadde are master crafters of the virtually indestructible element Sircranium. Such durability comes with a price, however, as it is very difficult to mold into a desired product. Sircranium must therefore be analyzed, molded, and painstakingly grown to gain the wanted effect. There is no greater material out there, however, and is always in high demand by the rich, some willing to wait years for some of the galaxy's grand vessels to be cultivated.

When involved in a large scale project the Arsgadde working crews will generally allow themselves to flow into a collective consciousness, a master builder gaining input and giving the necessary orders to the drones. The feelers play a large role in this process, when sometimes the slightest bump in the Sircranium might signify a growing defect.

Gaddea itself is a botanical masterpiece, levels upon levels of different types of growth. The atmosphere itself is full of spores that generally makes those who are not accustomed to breathing it very relaxed; this makes Gaddea somewhat of a common retreat. Explorers should be warned, however, as the concept of carnivorous plants are not foreign to Gaddea's landscape.

An Arsgadde will leave the planet for many reasons. Some want to see their life's work soar the depths of space, others are on the lookout for innovative designs, and then there are some who just want to see what life means to other races.

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