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The Cheetah are semi digitigrade Cyantians (they walk on their toes but their heels are much lower than the other species. They can walk plantigrade and stand if they want to, which is a bit more comfortable, but running is usually done on the toes) who weren't quite suited for life in the far north or in the mountains. Instead, they opted for the plains and lowlands of the South. It's here that they've set up their own small cities along with the Desert Fox, embarking in trade. Cheetah's are tribal in nature and nomadic. Not much is known of them once they left the main landing site.


The Cheetah as a whole are creative creatures and spend much of their time in the arts. They're excessively fast on foot following in their heritage. Racing is something they really enjoy.


They live in a society run by a ruling family, with a Queen who is actually of a higher regard than the King. The Queen rules and the line is actually passed on through Princesses, while the King takes care of defending and providing, the Queen is there for Justice and Compassion. Princes take on the roles of Perimeter Guards. These are high up stations that patrol the far-lands and keep out invaders. Princesses are trained to be judges, with the youngest princess the one who will take the throne upon their mother's death. The youngest princess is not permitted to be married until after this occurrence. Marriages are not arranged and amazingly enough,... it is encouraged for a Princess to choose new blood. Young males of any station can come and compete for the hand of a Princess during festival,.. first by showing he is worthy of her in three parts. First, he must be a strong male who can match wits and strength with the father. Second, he must impress the Queen with his personality and third, he must be accepted by the princess.


Note that the slave trade is alive and well and at times to pay debts, normal citizens can become slaves.


This is how it works for the most part. Family groups travel together for most of the year, only gathering with tribes during the spring and fall in grand gatherings for the choosing of mates, trading, etc. These festivals usually take place around birth cities as well. In general, they are a very ritualistic society as well, intelligent and creative.


They tend to be nomadic wanderers and ignorant of the technologies the other races have embraced. This is something they chose, as they find that life is easier enjoyed without being complicated by machines that take up so much time. They prefer a simpler way of life and nothing has forced them to change. They take pride in moving on their own without needing transportation to get from one place to another,.. at least as long as they're not moving their homes. They do make use of some lift technology, usually light as well as transports and various other gadgets to make life easier.

"They do have technology here and there, but only those who are rich possess it."

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