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The Cil, also known as 'greys' are whitish grey aliens with big eyes that cannot survive in the same environment as humans/cyantians, so are in the habit of possessing life forms on the planets they wish to visit.

The Cil can convert energy from the air around them into useable materials, stable materials. Think of them as a race that can manipulate objects down to the very atomic makeup of things. If they know how,.. they can create Gold. They just need to know the chemical makeup and transfer it from the air around them. Only from air though - they can't change an object into energy. They can also alter themselves if they want. That would be their main ability, which would take a lifetime to master to be able to create. But you can see that in the wrong hands,.. it would be a BAD thing.

They don't live for very long, not nearly long enough to master their abilities. Your typical Cil has a lifespan of 30 years average. Fortunately, they can't convert matter into energy or THROW energy like technomages or the black fox. They can USE the energy around them for their own bodies to change and alter them.

The drawback, other than a limited lifespan, is that there are not a lot of Cil left in existence and they are a dying race. They are peaceful... except the whole lack of regard while exploring and do not wish to invite any invasion upon themselves.

They've changed themselves actually, and yes, they do build space stations and they like knowing things.

They consider their current forms to be very inferior because they have such a short life span. Many of them had their children altered into other races that can survive in other environments, such as an actual oxygen atmosphere in some cases. They've essentially split themselves into more species and the original species is dying out because there are so few natural Cil babies born. There was a resistance to the splitting,.. and that is what is left of the Cil.

About twenty years before the start of Campus Safari a group of aliens called Cil crashed on Earth, near a zoo. To survive they merged with the nearest animals, the ones in the zoo. Discovering that those bodies were not going to be useful in getting back home, they tried to move into humans. But they couldn't leave the animal hosts behind, so those got merged with the human forms. These human/animal/Cil amalgamations are the Weres. They're fairly close to the Hollywood versions, shifting to an animalistic form when the moon is fullish and being allergic to silver. When shifted the alien is in charge, when in full human form the human is in charge. The alien is, I believe, aware of what transpires even when the human mind dominates, but the humans are unaware of the alien. In the past, when the host was left, they ran rampant and wild on full moon nights, as well be pretty crazy on nights and days when the moon was in the sky so they destroy their hosts when they leave the body now.

Weres are sterile. Some of the human hosts were pregnant when the Cil merged with them. All of the women suffered miscarriages, but six of the pregnancies were far enough along that the children survived. Those children are the Hybrids. They are human, but can consciously shift from human to animal, with a few possible stops on the way, and have the ability to use all the powers of the Cil.

The reason the shape shifter aliens are still there is to clean up the mess they already made. Their ship's already in human hands (there wasn't any shielding or weaponry tech on the shifter ship) and they can't go home until they get rid of all the hybrids and thereby, eradicate their presence.

The Cil have currently stepped back. There were more hybrids, but they got to them first... Saige made them a lot more wary since she started going after them instead of waiting for them to find her. They really consider them a headache they just want to pawn off on the Cyantians now.

They consider that if the Cyantians get all of them off Earth, then they have taken over the situation and the Cil are no longer to be blamed. The Cil will be blameless, because the Cyantians are interfering, but the Cil don't MIND if they interfere, since they're taking over resolution of the problem. They're tired of trying to hunt down their loose ends. They'd rather be off exploring.

They and the Cyantians share a love of exploration and information, but the Cyantians don't particularly care for them since the Cil require a host to enter their environment (and their culture prevents the use of an Enviro Suit). The Cyantians can detect them, and would consider it a declaration of war if the Cil come and try to take a host among them. (Campus Safari, strip 371) They have agreed to leave the Hybrids on Earth alone if the Cyantians pick them all up and take responsibility for teaching them to control their abilities, which is a great deal more than just change their appearance. (Campus Safari, strip 372)

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