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Cisaans are tiger-bunny hybrids created by Exotica Genoworks, but are not a product of Genoworks. Cisaan is their family name - a Mounty tiger and a Rabbit fell in love and desperately wanted to have children. Normally a Mounty and a Rabbit have a poor chance of reproducing and there is a large chance of genetic and birth defects in whatever offspring does occur. Both the genetic bases and the enzymes, hormones, etc. released in the womb are so different from one species to the other that such a pairing has very little chance at a healthy childhood...unless the kids are gengineered and grown in an artifical womb. In a controversial decision, they went to EG to help them produce successful, defect-free offspring. Cisaans are larger than most Rabbits though generally smaller than tigers, and they have most of the strength of a tiger while retaining most, if not all, of the speed of a Rabbit. They also possess the restlessness of some tigers and the skittishness of some rabbits - very much like someone strung out on espresso.

They are 6'2" loppish looking rabbits with stripes and a penchant for stalking who can break you in half. There are in total four sisters and five brothers, all exactly the same age.

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