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Cyantian Universe

The majority of Humans are on or from the planet Earth, with few knowing of the existence of Cyantians.

There are a handful of humans on Cyantia. They have GREATLY influenced the Cyantians over the last couple thousand years and there are some who got there as recently as just a few years. Some have been there the entire time and had kids there as well. MOST of them live in the Mounty Halls under their protection and scattered here and there.

Humans in the past on Cyantia mostly arrived through passage through Gates, although some have been rescued by the Wolves from Earth more recently.

Most Cyantians look at Humans as oddities. They tend to read Human emotions poorly because of the fact that Humans do not have tails, nor use their ears, to express emotions. Cyantians who would be the most accepting of Humans are the Mounties and the Wolves (especially the Mounties because their heads are of a similar shape to the Humans; with some, like Cesilee, even finding them exotic). They also get along well with Mice and Rabbits, and probably the Rams, since they don't have fangs. But the Fox (possibly pre-Plague) and the Koyoti would be the least accepting of Humans. Although the Fox might treat Humans well as individuals, they would have still disallowed the entire race any sort of influence in their culture (probably even more so than the Guttouve) simply because the Humans would not have been able to fit into any caste (ironically though, the Humans would still have been able to move uninhibited throughout the Fox Caste System in that they would be able to freely deal with each caste without suffering any of the penalties that a Fox from one caste would in dealing with another caste). While the Koyotis would have nothing to do with Humans in any way, shape, or form because they think they're demons.

Humans would ONLY be able to interbreed with the Talin Race (Mounties, etc.) and there are very few, with probably no reported cases of humans interbreeding. It's even more abhorrent to mate with a human than a Talin/Ricael cross.

The development of such a relationship would be difficult as Humans can't detect the pheromones they use. Humans don't tend to act 'correctly' at all, because they can't sense a Cyantians mood or intentions from smell, thus, they are very confusing to Cyantians.

Any Plantigrade Cyantian can successfully breed with a Human. The result would have stunted Cyantian features. Thus far, there are not any hybrids because the pheromones tend to turn Cyantians away from breeding with Humans. I'm sure there's an anomaly somewhere, but in general, it's unlikely. [1]

There are probably less than five hundred humans on Cyantia, scattered in a wide area, which makes finding a husband/wife very difficult. Plus... for some reason, on Cyantia, there are slightly more males than females, at about a 60/40 split. Women still live longer.

Although Immigrant Cyantians will have the advantage of heightened strength (Wolves, larger Mounties, etc.) and speed (Fox, smaller Mounties, etc.) over Humans, Humans will probably have the advantage of endurance over fur-bearing Cyantians, especially where physical exertion in a warm environment will be concerned. This is due to the fact that Humans lack fur and have copious amounts of sweat glands so that they are able to shed excessive heat faster than furry Cyantians. Whereas furry Cyantians will be forced to stop before they endangered themselves long before Humans reached that danger point.

There are eight humans at Mars Academy (not counting Sean, Stephen, Jules, or Marcus). Some were orphans, their parents taken by the AMIB when they were younger in a similar situation to Sean and Stephen's. *They're actually between the ages of 16 to 20, with Stephen and Sean being the oldest at 21 each. They've spent between 6 and 10 years on Cyantia, when the AMIB started culling out those like Stephen and Sean. You might say, they're refugees and it's actually Darius who brought them there. He got involved while he was on Earth, through a mutual human friend, Bounty, who will also be showing up at about the same time. There's a movement to get all the humans to the mars academy.

The technomages so far are just like, wow, new humans, neat! The lifters are like, great, new humans, we're beginning to feel un-unique.

Alien Dice Universe

These are people from the planet Earth, which is mostly unaware of the various alien races, or their involvement on their world.