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They're an off-world group of ecological thieves after the trees that grow on Cyantia which contain a very rare mineral they get from the ground since it's easier to steal the trees than mine for the mineral (although they're not above mining for it - making holes a mile deep). They also like to poach the wildlife to obtain the mineral the animals get through the food chain and store in their bones. This mineral affects gravity, and is one of the things that make it so that a LOT of the heavier native Cyantian animals can fly. (The mineral acts differently to each species, wears off in the big gryphons, allows the Shivae to 'cold walk' from one place to another without being seen or spotted and lightens their weight. It also makes their bodies able to be horizontal in the air when flying, kind of an anti-gravity affect against the actual gravity of the planet.)

They led a large scale invasion of Fox territory immediately after the fox were decimated by the plague, trying to stake a claim, and it was only with the combined efforts of the other races that they were driven away.

They have been known to use giant machinery in their pursuits, as well as pilot robots 25 feet high to guard them. The armor of the machinery is able to reflect laser fire, and the easiest way to stop them is usually by breaking open the glass domes and demolishing the cockpit, which often employs simple controls.

The pilots are well-armed, but unskilled in hand-to-hand combat, and tend to wear bulky uniforms and helmets which hide their appearance.

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