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Pronounced Cow-rin.

The Kourwine have more of a golden yellow skin tone with eyes that are shades of brown to black with slitted pupils and any color of hair. They're also taller than humans or Rishan. Ears are a bit lower in location and pointed, but not to the excess of the Rishan.

The Kourwine were chameleon like. Their planet was excessively hostile so they'd originally developed the ability for the purpose of concealment. Now it was merely fashion. (AD Day 7, strip 22)

They are probably the closest to a human type, although they have that nifty chameleon ability allowing them to change their skin and hair color due to their need for concealment while developing on an excessively hostile planet.

Claudia's a child by their standard, which explains a lot about her. Claudia isn't typical - she's a 'kid' by their standards and acts like a kid. The more mature ones are much more serious and stoic.

Kourwine males tend to go for plump mature females over the overly thin ones.

They believe you are only born once and when you die you get into a level of the Garden of Souls or the Srick depending on how you lived

Sairah and Kourwine were different races, but there was some speculation that at one time they had been one race. There was a also a general theory that they had also come from another even older race that had spawned the Littans. It was thought that they had remarkable adaptational abilities and changed abruptly depending on their environments over generations. Some might call it evolution, but there was evidence of something else, a kind of cell that was self aware of the environment and changed DNA on its own, gradually. This was what all three races had in common. (AD Day 7, strip 22)

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