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The Mice, with no real collective name, are found scattered among the Rabbit and Ram, as well as among the Mounties. Mainly a Ranger type of creature, they know a little of everything, and like a jack of all trades, are a master of none. Quick, but far more fragile and docile than the Ram or Rabbit, they don't tend toward violence and would rather mediate their way through problems. The majority don't get over 5 foot in height, but there are some females who get up to 6 foot. Mice tails are slightly prehensile. Not very strong, but they could pick up a pencil or tickle someone. It would be rather bold to flirt with a mouse tail.

Someday... they'll have a land of their own, but that still appears a long time in coming. For now, they just live and enjoy their lives. They come in any color and any markings.

The Mice tend to make the best Technomages, in practice and development of the technology.


The females are usually far more aggressive than the males and head their households. Children... as you may have guessed are very numerous and one family can have as many as 10 to 15 children at one time. (Births usually 2 to 5) Fortunately, they seem to be able to subsist on less food than other Cyantians and are extremely healthy and full of vigor.

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