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The rabbits, while being plantigrade, do have larger feet and a slightly different structure to their legs. The muscle is denser. They can jump pretty high. They also have a natural tendency to be a little flighty.

They tend to lived in mountainous regions near the Ram.

'Isae' is a respectful manner to address a lady.


Yes, we all know that Rabbits have many many kits and can have several litters a year. Although promiscuous all year long, they do still have those 'times of the year' when they are extra frisky.

Sexual maturity is reached at the age of 12 to 13 in the females, 14 to 15 in the males. They have a very strong view on the role of the sexes overall, only things have been twisted from how they were originally.

Originally, the family was headed by the female, because she would be the ones having kits and the male would support the family. The female would be the one making the decisions for the benefit of the family and the role of Motherhood was considered to be the most important role in rabbit society.

Soon, the thinking changed as males noticed that the males in other societies made these decisions and turned things around, too far. The female became merely a lesser mate to bear children for the father's pride. The more children the better, especially as many boys as possible, and the more children that were had, the more tied the female's hands became in caring for them. They were no longer allowed to hire caretakers to help with the children and it was frowned upon as unnecessary. In short, it became a movement of the males deciding to take control of everything by making sure that the female was too worn out from having kits and caring for them to think for herself. She no longer had the leisure and the males were quite pleased with this turn of events. It became next to impossible for a female to do anything but depend on her husband to support the family, though at least he does stay around (though illegitimate children do occur quite frequently).

Not all Rabbits are like this - some warrens still follow the old ways, but the males are treated much better now. Most of these females were of the more assertive mindset, but understood that for their families to be maintained, they had to be equals and at times, be the one to make the decisions in some matters and let their mate make decisions in others.

On courtship

It is improper for a male Rabbit to make the first move. It's the female, unless there is a prior arrangement. Females are more aggressive than the males. They choose the ones they like and initiate the relationship, usually by a friendship.

Sometimes it goes further. Behavior at this time is your usual playful date type behavior, usually no intimate contact unless the female wants it.

The second stage, dating to get to know your mate. The usual. This is actually initiated by the male instead of the female if he accepts her as a possible mate.

The third stage, initiated by the female, if the male goes for it, this is the stage that would be semi-bonded. There isn't an official ceremony, but at this point, there is no breaking up. If the male rejects the female, they break it off completely. If not, this is where the female must be pregnant before advancing to stage four, actual marriage for life.

The reason for this is the importance of knowing your mate can bear you kits. If in a set amount of time, the female is barren, then she is shamed and ostracized. She can never marry and usually her ears will be notched so everyone can see that she cannot have kits. The male is free to move on to another female if he wants. (Of course, this puts ALL responsibility on the female, which isn't really fair, but that's how it's done.) In the case that a male goes through a second relationship in which the female cannot have kits, they will both be ostracized and cast out, their ears notched. The notching is usually a triangle cut taken out of the center of the ear so that they'll bend unnaturally. The triangular notch can not be repaired enough to cause the ear to lay correctly, and the fur on the repair would be almost impossible to match correctly. On the other hand, it -would- be possible to re-sculpt the amount of the ear that remained below the notch into a working ear, even though it would be smaller. This kind of re-sculpting is illegal inside of Rabbit lands, but is legal else-where.

Final marriage cannot be broken off for any reason other than the death, otherwise there might be a lot of single mothers with way too many mouths to feed. A broken bond at this stage is heavily frowned upon and it is a pride thing to have a full family, even if the two spouses hate each other. The entire society threatens to kill a male or female who abandons their kits as well as all the kits, without any regard. They will be stoned or left in the wild to die.

As last note, that ostracized males and females do on occasion, as barren, prostitute themselves, which is against their laws, but it happens.


Rabbits follow a monarchy. Usually the royal line is passed on to the eldest child, but in the current line (the Aldians), it is passed on to the eldest boy. The ruling city is the Aldia City-State.

The most recent king (unless Prince Cass has assumed the throne in the past 10 years) is aggressive, and possibly a little mad, and initiated several conflicts with the neighboring Rams over territory, which he ultimately won. He is tyrannical with his subjects, and more anti-female than most.

It is common for young males to be sent out to hunt Scythetails at age 14.

The Southern Ranger Guard typically has their hair cropped short.

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