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Situated in the mountains near Rabbit territory, they've recently (within the past couple of decades) had many scuffles bordering on war with the Rabbits over territory, a situation made tense from losing some ground to the Rabbits. Many still bear a grudge against Rabbit from the war many years ago.

Ram are roughly the size of Wolves, with females a foot shorter on average. Their typical clothing seems to consist of leather lined with fur, most probably from their hunting kills. They don't have nimble fingers, so most of their clothing would be rougher.

Ram are very clannish, and would include a clan name for proper introduction - clan name first, then given name. Once introduced, a typical Ram would prefer to be addressed by their name without clan name.


Rams only use tech where it's necessary/more advantageous. They figure that overusing technology will make them lazy so don't use it for harvesting on purpose. They work to earn their food and have a high respect for that order of things. It's kind of a self imposed Amish type thing, but weapons are up to date with the latest standards. Runners are harder to intercept than actual messages, plus, it's a traditional occupation. They shield themselves in the winter against storms because of the massive amounts of snowfall that would cover their little hold. Rams rarely travel outside their cities.

Rams tend to clan and believe very strongly in monogamy. They place a heavy emphasis on family, and believe that strong family ties are more important than the size of a family.

They also tend to be intolerant of half-breeds, especially Ram/Rabbit crosses. There is often much conflict in allowing such a child to remain in Ram territory. It is common for them to run half-breeds out of their towns.

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