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Although there has been talk of the Wolves possessing space-born armadas, they haven't been shown in strip yet, so many of the details are as yet unknown.

The Wolves pretty much run planetary defense and are more concerned with that than exploration. They have a few massive ships built in orbit, with most smaller craft built on planet. We won't see cramped military quarters on a Wolf ship. They seem to prefer having a bit more space than an average human design, even accounting for the scale differences (approximately 1.5x the size of a fully-grown human on average). Corridors and quarters will likely be built closer to designs like one might see in Star Trek for width, likely with higher ceilings to accommodate powered armor (light or even possibly medium lifts) [1]

There should be at least one or two space stations nearby for trade, negotiations, etc. B5 style, probably near jump gates, since Tiff doesn't like the idea of space bending ships. (The reason I don't like vessels being capable of warp on their own is that while space is very vast, the possibility of crashing into another vessel moving at high speed or gating into another ship is too much of a concern for me to allow it. So there are gates simply act like roads to keep vessels on known paths and organized.)

The Gate system of travel is the only method for inter-solar system travel, and the FTL is not really available in practical quantities and capabilities. There aren't very many invading sources and any armaments ON while passing near/into a gate are automatically nullified. Ships must power down weapons system prior to using a gate. There are two gates or more for areas and little backup. And yes, there's defensive canons on the stations and gates.

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