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So far, all of the true Skunks shown in the GNIPs have been from the C-Group. There were other classes before them, but they were probably not as popular because of their smell. The C-Group are distinguishable from others by their names (Which all start with C) and their unique scents, genetically modified to be pleasant to the average Cyantian.

The military claimed a few of B-Group. (Sink or Swim, strip 264)

Three of the C Group (Chatin, Cilke, and Cisco) escaped with the help of Syrys when Exotica Genoworks' main facility was destroyed. Three of the others (Cam, Carrde, and Calle) were taken to Avistary by Ceigan and Mekussa and assumed were later sold. Calle belongs to Rama, who bought her at age seven and treats her well. It is unknown at this point what happened to Carrde and Cam. A seventh C Group skunk, Chrome, was introduced in the Mars Academy RPG, and has since appeared in the comic as well. He was sold at a young age to a Gold fox official who was less than kind, to say the least. Chrome later escaped, and currently attends Mars Academy, where Chatin, Cilke, and Cisco are located as well.

C-Group skunks and their respective "flavors":

Their opinions on their future contracts before leaving EG:

Calle's viewpoint is that this is a good thing.
Cilke was the more enlightened one to the actual situation and recognized that she and the others didn't have rights, while Mekussa came and went as did other Fox.
Chatin was a bit blinded by her attachment to Mekussa, very immature.
Cisco as you can see, is a bit more laid back in thought and just didn't care, one of those who takes things and goes with them as life.
Cam and Cardde didn't get a lot of play, but Cam is the mischievous one of the bunch. As long as he was having fun, he didn't care.
Cardde is the more thoughtful and well... you'll see when he shows back up

There are maybe twenty to thirty skunks total on Cyantia.

As for the age of a C-group skunk, they were 3 years old when first introduced, so they're only 11 years old technically by Campus Safari, while the others would be between the age of 9 and 11. Physically Chatin & Cilke are about 22 or 23, but just because they grew up fast doesn't mean they're losing anything other than a childhood, they stay young much longer. Maturity is attained at the age of 5, which would be equivalent to 18, if not slowed down.

Their tail hair is coarse so it doesn't get soaked with water, so it's not really that heavy when wet.

How often they can spray depends on how much they spray, but they can usually do it at least three times. [1]

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