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The gravity on Mars is artificially enhanced at the moment, but they're doing some things in the core and outside the planet to make the gravity stronger. It's a massive difference to Cyantia which actually has a little bit stronger of a gravity than Earth because of it's size and makeup. It'd be kind of weird and hard for them to go from Mars to Earth with the changes in gravity on their bodies. They'd be weaker on Earth and working on Mars would make them so if it was just normal gravity. They've already done most of the work to the core.

Part of the terraforming is to increase the gravity to a closer to tolerable level so it'll hold the atmosphere. It's been altered enough to hold the atmosphere from the initial stages, but it's still not good enough for anyone to go wandering around outside without an Environmental suit. But it won't be long and there are areas of training they DO have that are on fields with unenhanced gravity. The moons have also been moved to a further orbit to prevent them from falling in the increased gravity well.

The Cyantians have brought in a few asteroids from outside the solar system that contained large masses of water on the planet to build up the water levels, but not to increase the mass. *This is where I go the ancient machines way.* The cyantians have the knowledge to infuse the core with a type of chemical reaction that will make it heavier. It increases the gravity very quickly to start with, then slows down to smaller and smaller increases over time so that they should have a 'normal' range gravity within a decade, but it'll still be liveable.

They started with several strains of bacteria, some of them there to stay, some die off when they reach a certain level of chemicals in the air. Some give off minute amounts of oxygen as byproducts. Gradually, they work their way up to more advanced plants that will flourish in the atmosphere as it is, then cycle out to die once the levels are more than they can take. They essentially kill themselves and are engineered to do so. *Some strains will adapt to the levels and continue their natural processes.* It takes awhile, but it'll still work.

Now there is a problem, while they don't want to be seen, the Cyantians have been smart about it. They know that if the general public of the world knew what was occuring to Mars, there would be a panic and world leaders would be forced to act. At the moment, I'd say that NASA, the US government and most of the other more advanced governments of the world already know that something's going on, despite the holograms. *How can you miss the energy readings probably being given off by the planet in this flux. Plus unexplained movements in the sky.

The initial terraforming of Mars has been done for years (initially there was no way anyone could live on the planet). It now continues to rain off and on, gradually stabilizing as the atmosphere thickens. Right now, there's a breathable atmosphere, but it's thin and the higher one goes, the thinner the air gets.[1]

There is also work being done on Venus, but being a more complex assignment, it will take considerably longer to complete. It does include siphoning off some of the atmosphere as part of the process.

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