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If you believe a page should be deleted please add it to this category by adding the following template tag:


If there is consensus to delete the article on the talk page, then please be sure to remove any links from any other article (by clicking on the "What links here" link in the left-hand sidebar and removing links on the pages listed) so the page won't unwittingly be created again.

In some situations, it is helpful to add a note to the article's talk page regarding the deletion notice. To do this, use the {{talktobedeleted}} template instead of the regular {{tobedeleted}} template tag.

Sometimes, a page or a talk page needs to be deleted quickly and without discussion; for example, one created as an act of vandalism. Since the wording of {{tobedeleted}} and {{talktobedeleted}} does not apply in this case, especially on a talk page when the accompanying article is valid, the {{delete}} template should be used. A reason for deletion should be incorporated into the template. To do this, type in {{delete|Reason}}. Possible reasons include trolling, patent nonsense, created with spam, unnecessary opinion, and duplicate image.

To view only a list of discussions regarding pages currently being considered for deletion, see this page.

Thanks for helping keep the Homestar Runner Wiki clean!

See also ShivaeWiki:Deletion Policy.

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