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The Cyantians don't have weapons that will dissolve a body or armor. Most of the time, it's the armor that takes the damage from a weapon, and not those inside of it. If they themselves are struck and actually hit, they probably won't live long enough to complain about it.

Hand Weapons

Wolves mainly use energy weapons, (Force knives, Lasers, Blasters, and Stunners), because they consider it wrong to use a projectile type that can get lodged inside the body. They feel it is unethical to make even an enemy suffer needlessly. The other races make use of them as well in battle for other reasons, they're quick and effective if used correctly, plus they don't get stuck like swords or have ammunition constraints like guns.

The Wolf are more defense oriented. They specialize in non-lethal repelling weaponry over assault, although they're venturing more into that field.

  • From Syke 10/22/2008

First of all, I have a healthy respect for guns and their uses, good and bad. The reason most of the characters will carry a sword over a gun is because guns seem to incite rash actions in young characters who think they can shoot and get away with it since they're doing it from a distance. Obviously, the bad guys are going to be heavier armed than one of our young guards. So if they come upon someone with a gun and they have a sword, they're more likely to NOT try to stop them on their own and pay more attention to not being seen. Cats are VERY good at not being seen. You also really won't see younger characters being trusted with guns unless they're in a dangerous area and usually accompanied by an adult. Just about all of the cultures teach their young how to hide, flee and not fight.

I kinda think that in general, firearms and blasters are restricted in scifi because it'd be too easy to kill any given character and really powerful weapons don't make for the best of storylines. Everyone would have one if they could and it can make the atmosphere more tense than necessary.

There's also simply the fact that I can barely draw swords. Drawing guns is even harder and I'm sure that figures into a lot of stories.

Energy Bows

They're a standard wood or metal bow with a fine string that is made of energy charged liquid metal, like the metal staffs that a lot of Cyantians use, only it doesn't change shape, instead it absorbs energy, which can be used to put more power into an arrow that's shot from it. They go higher, faster and farther than any normal bow. There are also a few variations of energy bow. That's the standard; the elite version actually shoots energy arrows and uses clips instead of arrows. The clip is like a tiny battery with any manner of things attached to it, barbs, shrapnel, etc.


Lifts are a form of 'mecha' used by immigrant Cyantians for work and battle. Light lifts are effectively powered body armour. Medium Lifts are fully sealed armoured battle suits. Heavy Lifts are vehicles in that the operator drives them rather than wears them. Master lifts are bigger, stronger, and much more difficult to operate than Heavy lifts, and are unique in design. They are produced by a unique method and it has been hinted they may be alive in some way. See Lifts for more information.

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