Claudia's Ship

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Claudia's ship.jpg
Celestial-32 Star Yacht

Claudia's newest ship is a luxury vehicle built by the Arsgadde... a 200 room Celestial - 32 class Star Yacht, newest in pleasure travel. (AD Day 5, strip 27)

Claudia has the ship decorated to her tastes... in other words, it's all about obvious extravagance. The wide halls are decorated with moving portraits and strange pieces of artwork from very alien worlds. Drapes hang over doorways in place of sliding doors, leaving everything open. Many walls are made of a glass so clear that it appears that nothing is there, giving the illusion of space as far as the eye can see, and is perfectly climate controlled. The main perimeter hall has high glass walls with long, almost transparent curtains hanging over portions of them, giving a spectacular view of the outside. (AD Day 5, strip 19) The gaming room is covered with posters of Lexx - her current infatuation, as well as quite a few of Damian being the high-level gamer that he is. (AD Day 5, strip 23)

Her private chambers are up a small flight of stairs that led into a small glassed in hallway. (AD Day 5, strip 25)

Her ship is equipped with a high quality Door that has neither light nor sound when opened.

First shown in AD Day 5, strip 19