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Darius has had it out with government officials before They know they exist, but won't announce it for fear of a government panic. Basically, it just goes into government files and well, the government in this world is just as bad as the real one, only we pretend they know so much more than they probably actually do.

The US actually did some things first, mainly be accessing one of the Cyantia gates and giving weaponry to a certain wolf for his takeover of Centralis, in exchange for technology. *Of course, Wolf took the guns and ran, never to be seen again and failed in that takeover. Then, the gate was shut by Alpha and his wolves in a process to cut off ALL accidental crossings before they were ready.

The people they've contacted have not been on purpose so far, but actual contact won't be for a long time, that and the AMIB are of course out there trying to shut them up and hide stuff. They HAVE tried to contact the MiB, but this isn't the MiB of the movies, they favor total planetary isolation from other worlds and are NOT happy with the Cyantians coming around. *Note, this will change, because not everyone in the MIB believe that way.*

There's a lot of fun complications to play on - it's just that they'll take time to play through since the time in the strip is less than a week from Marcus and Jules' abduction. The main thing is, what can any terran government do to Mars when it'd take them a long time to even get there? In their position, the only thing they can do is wait, try to communicate and perhaps once they no longer get a busy signal, actually SPEAK to someone in charge. This will be soon.

And back to Darius, there's a LOT of stuff that happened before this and everything has not been shown, primarily the fact that they ATTEMPTED to shut all the gates down between Earth and Cyantia and get all of their people off the planet. They wanted NOTHING to do with Earth Humans. Unfortunately along the way, they realized that there were some issues they couldn't ignore, especially when it started involving human friends they made. The AMIB pretty much started the entire thing, so in their naivity, the Cyantians are going about things incorrectly. Most of it IS to help their friends and establish peaceful contact with Earth, by setting up a neutral ground. Humans may not like it, but from the Cyantian's standpoint, you don't OWN a world until you've actually settled on it and neither Mars or Venus were capable of supporting life. The Cyantians have built nothing on Venus and have no intentions of taking over Mars. *Although they are running secret missions to Earth from the school. They see nothing wrong with that.* Most of the contact is going to end up being down with the MiB groups, after the Cyantians make it more known that look, we're trying to help our friends and we can outthink and outmaneuver you. We'd like to do things peacefully, but you keep trying to capture our operatives, even when they go with the distinct mission of attempting to open lines of communication. You don't answer our calls and we know you can hear them. We do not trust you but we have to deal with you, one way or another. We don't WANT to go to extremes, but you are forcing our hand. We are removing the chips you are holding (the prisoners) until you have nothing to use against us, then we're going to try this again. If you don't cooperate, then we're going other routes which might cause problems for you and your supposed goals, but we've given you the chance. (Of course, there is a LOT of miscommunication going on along the way. The Cyantians will probably have better luck with the other MIB groups, but they've never actually come into contact with the others, just the AMIB. And the two do NOT get along well.

Contacts with Earth:

The Fox from the Underground crash landed in the White House's backyard. This is canon. They also did quite a few other things while there, so they were known as an alien race.

The Coyotes who live in Oklahoma are another case of knowns. A lot of them were captured by a bounty hunter named Krystophyr Bounty if I remember that right, who's partner is a Cyantian Leopard. He thought they were mutations at first and his leopard partner *Safari* didn't know anything about the canines so he couldn't offer up any advice on them. He was too young when he crossed over to Earth to remember anything but Mounties. Several dozen Koyoti were captured, most killed themselves or died in captivity as wild animals. Bounty'll probably show up in Campus Safari.

Blizzard (aka Malcolm), a Siberian Tiger was kept as a pet to a German family and is documented as a capture at one time by Bounty.

Chance, Rush, Phoenix and Tamera were all captured by a scientist by the name of Carter, the same scientist who is responsible for Mako's change from human to shark. They were mechanically tampered with, brainwashed and malfunctioned.

Darrik and Tamera grew up in the Bayou, they were well known to many people in the area, but not officials in anything other than story.

Nitro (An Ocelot character from New Jersey) took up the persona of the Jersey Devil for awhile... ended up being chased down by a woman named Sierra who wanted to turn him into a lovely fur coat. >