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The Timeline (Day for when it synched with RPG)

  • Sept 26 - first day of classes

  • Day N/A - Oct 2nd:
    • Campus Safari: Jules and Marcus arrive on Mars sometime during the day.

  • Day N/A - Oct 3rd:
    • CSafari: Chatin has a bad hair day, Chatin attacked by Collin, Celina 'has a word with Darius', visit to Cyphir for Jules and Marcus, the AMIB.

  • Day 2 minus 1* - Oct 4th:
    • CSafari: Visiting the ruins where the Xaibars are - look, its Squid script!, meet Kibi the cute and talented, Zimae and Rama plot, Cyantians don't follow the Prime Directive, Jules and Marcus get in Trouble, and Triage wakes up
    • No Angel: Strip begins in the evening with the winged bishi, Jules first voices her distrust, and Darius has the humans for dinner.

  • Day 2 - Oct 5th:
    • CSafari: Zimae swipes Flashback, the other Vix dies, Cilke glomps Syrus, Twinky goes to the Garden, Zimae finds a Tapper while examining Flashback and accidentally reactivates the Tappers while Triage explains Xaibars to Darius and Chatin, Flashback goes nuts, Darius gets into his Master lift to fight Flashback who impresses Twinky but still loses to Darius
    • NAngel: The day of staying in begins with breakfast, Quinn visits Sean, tests for Jules and Marcus while Stephen rewires his vid and Phoenix tries to play a prank on Marcus, Quinn visits Jules and Marcus, a melancholy moment with Sean leads into Rezna's attack in the evening in sync with Darius' battle and Rezna becomes dragon chow. (Sean believes there are two Master lifts.)

  • Day 3 - Oct 6th:
    • CSafari: Early morning, go grab Kea and Tae who decided to visit the Xaibars, Darius thinks he'd be a lousy father but admits to Sheana that he loves her, Trigger has a soft spot for kids, and we find out that Darius, Ravon, Tae, and Kea's parents are dead.
    • CSafari skipped the rest of this day.
    • NAngel: Morning after Xaibar stuff, Marcus hates cats, Jules gets Tizzy. Tira chats with Stephen, Marcus vs. Tizzy begins. Evening marks the imaging dome incident where we meet Dallas and he's unmasked, Sean loses his cool and his security link, you've gotta love Heath, Cesilee glomps Marcus, say hi to Hank, Jules gets fed up and 'escapes', Jules meets the AMIB and Sean gets shot in the escape so Stephen grows wings, everyone gets back together and exits the scene with Maddie's help.
    • Academy Diaries: Starting early evening Lenisa and Spooky take care of Tae and Kea.

  • Day 4 - Oct 7th:
    • CSafari: Morning - Dallas 'helps' Cilke and Twinky which requires Dallas to save Twinky so that he can talk with Darius who explains about the Cil and that Dallas will be helping, Chatin has a heart to heart with Twinky afterwards making Collin jealous and Cisco joins the fun, Chatin snugs Cisco so Twinky leaves and meets Dallas who leaves and is replaced by Quinn, Darius has to tell the cubs about Mom and Dad but is saved by a call so he brings in the 'experts' to deal with the cubs while he gets to meet the gang including a pair of Neefla helping in Tamera's delivery, kit number one, Darius gets number two, number three (Hi, Tim!), and four is a girl! Afterwards Bounty talks with Darius, and we rejoin Twinky. Evening - Twinky encounters Marcus.
    • NAngel: That Evening, they remain stuck on Earth so they decide to hide in the woods and choose not to participate in a cliche, Jules gets to remove the last bullet and after an arguement everyone goes to bed except Jules, old school Koyoti aren't as nice as Mr. Prasm and silly Jules gets their attention requiring Sean to show off a trick, unfortunately Braedon isn't doing so good.

  • Day 5 - Oct 8th:
    • Twinky to Leave on mission
    • NAngel: ... ---- and Marcus storyline
    • MarsAcad: Evening - Bachelor Auction