Damian Cera Taosh Yirakosa

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Yirakosa, Damian Cera Taosh
Primary Dice 
Other Dice Named 
Seilki, Wraith, Nessy
Gold Moon

Damian is a male-type Sairah, one of three known humanoid races. He's a bit overzealous in his affection of Lexx, due to something Lexx did for him, but it involved saving his life. On day 0 he has a broken arm as a result of an encounter involving pursuing women, and Lexx comments he would be dead instead of only a broken arm if he hadn't shown up. Eternally grateful, he's a bit of a pest, but means well. He also has a thing for flirting with pretty women and glomping Lexx, much to his horror. He's also supposed to be a good kisser.

He annoys Lexx. It wasn't that Damian was unfriendly or taunted him, more that he just always wanted to be wherever Lexx was. He'd been this way since Lexx had met him on his first game. For some reason, Damian was attracted to him and he couldn't figure out why, nor really wanted to know. Damian was overly friendly and one of those aliens who made a lot of physical contact while talking to anyone, even if they'd just met them. Lexx had learned the best way to avoid that, was to simply keep moving. (AD, Day 4, strip 13)

Damian's just ... Damian. He's all male. He's just a touchy/huggy male and has no respect for personal space. He means nothing about it. He does get offended though when someone suggests he is less than a full male (due to the Sairah ability to change genders when faced with a severe gender imbalance). He feels he is fully capable of attracting and keeping females, but most don't understand his obsession with the Alien Dice Game. (AD Day 7, strip 20)

Damian is overly skinny and angular, more like a traditional bishounen, not as muscular, toned a bit, but not overly defined, no stomach definition.. actually, he'd be the one with that poke-able belly. And he's ticklish too. In the sun his red hair develops golden sun streaks. Damian is 7'5".

He's also apparently very strong. (AD, Day 4, strip 14)

He loves to talk and show off what he knows. (AD, Day 4, strip 16)

Damian is not much of a fighter and frowns upon the actual game that Lexx is involved in, preferring the original Alien Dice Game. (AD, Day 4, strip 12) He even introduces himself as a player of the old game... and a champion of the old school. (AD, Day 4, strip 14) He is very sympathetic, and only the fact that he doesn't stand around to listen to many people's stories keeps him from being constantly involved. (AD Day 18, strip 80)

  • Damian is likely the strongest of the group, but the least likely to hurt anyone out of anger. He’s already shown himself to be compliant to just about anyone telling him what to do and easily manipulated.

He possesses a Grand Master set of dice, consisting of 75 dice. He adds 5 dice each year to his collection for variety, (AD, Day 4, strip 21) and has been apparently playing for at least six years.

Though not as large as Claudia's ship, his is more secure. (AD Day 7, strip 16)

He finds Claudia to be annoying, especially her habit of getting excessively close to Lexx when he obviously hated it. (AD Day 7, strip 18)

  • When he claimed Claudia was not irresistible, she claimed he wasn't really a man, (AD Day 7, strip 18) which was a sore point due to his race's characteristics, so he kissed her to prove he was all male. (AD Day 7, strip 20) It annoyed him once he realized that he played into what she wanted. (AD Day 7, strip 21)

By day 12 he had caught 7 Dice, two of which are a now leveled up Fluffy, and a dark blue wasp the size of a small dog. (AD Day 12, strip 17) By day 18 he has caught 12 dice. Since they are rarely used for their intended purpose, vacation is a normal way of life for his Dice. (AD Day 18, strip 15)

He had a deal with Claudia to obtain Lexx provided he gets him twice a week to discuss game strategy with, (AD Day 7, strip 23) but would be just as happy if he stayed with Chel as long as he still gets to talk with him.

He also has a deal with Lexx, that if he should lose, Damian was to bring Chel back home and bring Maenae to her. (AD DAy 8, strip 25)

After running into Kane on Lexx's Island, he decided to work on making it a more livable locale. (AD Day 12, strip 21) Although he personally would prefer something large and lavish, he deferred to Lexx's preference for something small and less detectable, hiding the majority of the dwellings within the cave system and installing sensors that would alert him if anyone came within a one-mile radius - as well as stocking the dwelling with provisions. Although gracious to Kane in the process, it irked her that things were being built for Lexx, not her, (AD Day 18, strip 15) which may be why she didn't tell him she was leaving after blackmailing Zaile... and making it easier for the Mimic to slip in disguised as her.

The building on the island was done mostly according to the plans he saw Lexx had for the island over the relay, and was equipped with the barest of furnishings so Lexx could complete it himself. (AD Day 18, strip 16)

When Riley came to the island, he was annoyed with how Riley treated Lisaan. Was surprised when Riley told him Zaile was Lexx's brother, but disagreed that Riley should tell Lexx everything, (AD Day 18, strip 59) especially since Lexx is sensitive about family, and finding out about Zaile and his missing sister could distract him. (He also noticed Kane listening in on their conversation.) (AD Day 18, strip 60)

He's not very good with children, getting too quickly frustrated with their curiosity and inability to listen when told not to do something. His last encounter with Maenae aboard his ship left a sizable blast crater in his ship's galley. (AD Day 8, strip 26)

When Riley brought Lisaan to the island, he felt compelled to listen to her story, and seems to have taken an interest in her welfare, (AD Day 18, strip 79) promising he won't let Riley send her back. (AD Day 18, strip 80) However, after several attempts to get Riley to agree to let him take over responsibility for Lisaan, Riley outright refused, considering her to be simply another of his 'charity cases'. (AD Day 20, strip 70) The fact that Riley has no interest in her welfare at all, refuses to even hear her circumstances, and won't let him get involved based on his past womanizing frustrates him. (AD Day 20, strip 71)

  • Riley's feelings may not be totally unfounded, as Damian was willing to take up even Claudia on her offer of an evening drink followed by an 'entertaining end to the night', even though he found her annoying. (AD Day 23, strip 62)
  • Even after Riley assigned Lisaan to Lexx, she's apparently still on his mind. When he asked Riley later for her tiles, he grudgingly agreed to think on it. (AD Day 24, strip 58)

He hates transmessengers, finding them annoyingly bothersome. (AD Day 18, strip 121) He hates even more when people let them ring non-stop rather than answering them, (AD day 18, strip 122) and if they won't, he will. (AD Day 18, strip 123)

Although Lexx chewed him out for making his 'dream home' for him, he also grudgingly thanked him, which made him feel that he was secure in Lexx's eyes as a friend. As such, he is finding Claudia increasingly annoying in that she's no longer happy just being friends with Lexx, especially since he's showing a preference for Chel. (AD Day 21, strip 20) At that point he tells her he will not help her interfere in Lexx's relationship with Chel. (AD Day 21, strip 21)

He's currently throwing a party to celebrate the midpoint of Lexx's game. (AD Day 21, strip 24)

He's had his hair catch on fire in one unfortunate hunt. (AD Day 20, strip 1)

He appears to enjoy teasing Chel. (AD Day 21, strip 28)

  • Does not have both parents. His father had been a gambler and had done well, but it was his mother who managed his earnings and made it into a fortune. Gambling could be a risky proposition in space and Damian's father, no matter how much his wife persisted, could not step away from it. He won a particularly tricky wager that did not go well with those he won against and had been ejected out of an air lock. (AD Day 24, strip 55)

First Appeared greeting Lexx on his island in AD, Day 4, strip 12

He's a member of AD Players Against the Master Dice Set. (AD Day 21, strip 108)