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Base Set-Dig
1st Bonding Unknown
2nd Bonding Unknown
3rd Bonding Armadillo
Dig lvl4.jpg
Sound Made 
Shira Lexx

Dig is a cannonball with claws, he's overly aggressive and not afraid of anything. You don't have to look for him, he'll find you. (AD Day 5, strip 5)

He tends to be excessively hot-headed, so Lexx usually doesn't allow him to wander freely in the living area of the ship. (AD, Day 5, strip 1)

When Lexx encountered him on Earth, he was only six inches tall - much smaller than his previous form. (AD Day 5, strip 7) Dig, however, seems pleased to have a smaller form. (AD, Day 5, strip 11)

Dig's first bonding was to a very fast tree dwelling creature, although Lexx didn't know that when he bonded him. Dig tends to be a little grouchy due to his difficulty climbing trees now. He continues to have a prehensile tail though.

He despises Claudia. (AD Day 5, strip 15)

He's quick, much faster than the armadillo he's bonded to, and a bit single-minded. (AD Day 15, strip 1)

He has a heavy male voice.

  • First Appeared on ADIS in AD Day 5, strip 1; First Appeared Himself in AD Day 5, strip 7