Esael Space Station

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Esael Space Station.jpg

Unlike an Away Point, the Esael Space Station is a commercial station run by the Xeep Ina, and pretty much anything you could ever want can be found there. Shops are lined up in cubicles by the hundreds. Lexx came there to pick up new clothes that would fit around his wings, (AD Day 11, strip 21) and to visit Maenae. (AD Day 11, strip 28)

The residential sector is where the workers who upkeep the station live, and features long hallways with walls plated with some kind of stone. (AD Day 11, strip 27)

It has commercial, communications, and residential levels, as well as an arena.

The Rift was parked in Docking Bay Cilan Casi Number 10. (AD Day 11, strip 22)