Fur Dye Bomb

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Created by Ryalto in the Mars Academy RPG. As it was his own character's invention, he prefers other characters to not directly copy it.

The Fur Dye Bomb is a device using a small explosive charge to expel fur dye at a target. The charge detonates, compressing air inside the device so that it breaks the dye packet and atomises the dye into a very fine mist that penetrates most cloth types. The ensuing dye cloud tends to be about 7-8 feet high and 3 feet in diameter, but is a good 3 inches off the floor at all points while the dye is still wet. Due to the fine atomisation of the dye, it dries quickly and so the majority of it just settles on the ground as dust which can easily be sucked up. Only items inside the cloud area at the time of detonation stand a chance of being dyed. Also, the dye itself is a particularly heavy dye, so it settles quickly on the ground, and the dye has a habit of clumping together when drying in the air so that the dust is less fine.

As the device is powered by an explosive charge (often using Boom Moss as a component), detonation does produce a large bang similar to a firecracker detonating. This is considered by it's creator to be a bonus as it get any Cyantian's tail fur frizzing and so ensures a more complete dye job.

The device cannot cause direct harm to any victim, and the dye is hypoallergenic, toxin free and was not tested on animals. It was tested on the Sirac.