Lexx's Appearance

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Lexx lvl 5.jpg

Lexx lvl 6.jpg

  • At Level 6 there isn't much change... just perhaps his ears getting slightly longer

Lexx lvl 7.jpg

  • The biggest change at acquiring Level 7 was the emergence of large leathery wings. *Note - he can only glide with them unless he has acquired the 'Fly' ability, which this time through he hasn't at this level.

Lexx lvl 8.jpg
Lexx lvl8 dyed.jpg
  • More drastic changes at Level 8. His wings compact some so he is now able to fold them around his body. His ears grew longer, and his hair rapidly grew long, and changed from blue to violet with a golden streak on his right forehead. *Note - since this transformation was first seen from behind, Syke joked with the readers for a few hours that his gender changed too. ^_^
  • He would later decide to dye his hair to a more normal coloration.

Lexx lvl9.jpg
Lexx lvl11.jpg
  • At Level 9 the claw on his wing splits into two claws. His hair color remains unchanged, so either the dye is unaffected by his rolling up, or his hair went back to his natural color.
  • Having rolled 3 times since starting battling to force faster leveling (which would put him at 11), he seems to have had no further change in appearance, except maybe slightly fluffier hair.

Lexx lvl12.jpg

  • Having rolled 4 times since starting battling, he still looks pretty much the same (though perhaps better groomed after his forced rest)

Lexx lvl13.jpg
Lexx lvl13-2.jpg
  • Rolling up again (to 13) he has a change, where his leathery wings change into large feathery ones deep blue/black on the back with a white underside. Though when not in combat, they shrink to cherub-sized wings.