Lexx's Biography

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Lexx's Biography

Having lost their previous two children (Zaile and Kane) to station officials, Shira Lexx's mother, Shira Lessa came to Litta, where he was born and became a Soul Brother to Riley. He inherited 'pure' Rishan first generation genes from his father, Shira Taumas. When he was age two, his father became second in command on the space station Risha 1 and they moved there, where his parents also planned to have another daughter (and eventually would. He had a pet Sallomandyr while living there. They never told him about his older siblings.

While still young, his father died. He may have gone back to Litta for a while with his mother after his father's death before they returned to Risha 1.

He was at age 8 or 9 when his mother died. (AD, Chapter 2, strip 30) The guardians his parents left for him blew his inheritance on themselves and left him to fend for himself. He got picked up by station authorities as a 'station rat' while scrounging for food, (AD, Chapter 2, strip 31) and was sent to the Alien Dice Academy so he wouldn't be their problem. (AD, Chapter 2, strip 33)

He had been mischievous when he first came to the Academy. The girls had always been big on keeping diaries and so had some of the guys. He'd been notorious for figuring out ways to swipe these books when they were misplaced and pulling numerous pranks with them, using what had been written. Lexx had at times, been a pest to the other students and especially the faculty. This was back when he was young and not so weighted down by the reality of his life. (AD Day 10, strip 3) (When he later playfully teased Chel that he would read her diary, and she reacted badly to it, he decided to give her Kipiro. (AD Day 10, strip 7))

  • Lexx and his sister Kaimar's ages are completely messed up. Normally, a Rishan can live up to 140 years, but the ADC gave them all kinds of hormone treatment to force them to age, thus... he's actually 18. His youngest sister is really only 8 and has been in stasis for a very long time, you see... she was born months after Lexx's father died and since Lessa was unable to care for two children, she was adopted to another family... and supposed to be returned when she turned five. That didn't happen because of Lessa's death and then Lexx was on his own for a short time, but once he ended up in the ADC as a 'pure' strain, the ADC 'acquired' his sister and put her in 'storage'. Lexx of course doesn't remember her because he was very young.

He was fifth of the top ten most talented students at the Academy, (AD, Chapter 2, strip 34) although his attitude was slightly different than most of the students - mostly because he came at an old enough age to have memories of a normal happy family before coming there. He had only a few friends, namely Coli, Acadiu, Traice, and Toine. Toine was his Sairah roommate, and died of a bad reaction to drugs administered to him to make him thinner. Watching him die by vomiting until his throat ruptured gave Lexx a lifelong intolerance to the sound of, and especially the sight of, someone throwing up. (AD Day 8, strip 5)

There were only 5 from the Academy that he considered friends: Acadiu, Traice, Maline, Canna, and Laen. (AD Day 14, strip 30)

  • Acadiu was one he had known his entire time there. (AD Day 14, strip 24)

Female Littans made Lexx nervous. He’d been mercilessly picked on by one when he was a little kid. (AD Day 6, strip 27)

When he was of age (18 by the ADC calendar, 21 by Earth's), being one of the more promising students, he got bonded to a 20 sided Master Dice, starting with an initial bad roll of 2 (which may account for his habit of saying 'deuce' in place of a swear word). (AD, Chapter 2, strip 35) He was also injected with nanites in case he became suicidal, due to their having lost several players that way. (AD, Chapter 2, strip 36)

When the full impact of his situation hit him, he did become suicidal, (AD, Chapter 2, strip 37) trying seven times to end his life, and gaining scars when they failed. (AD, Chapter 2, strip 27) Lexx was at a point that there was no physical way out that he wanted to accept because it's almost impossible to win against, but if you kill yourself, well, you WIN ultimately, at least from his perspective. They invested all that money in him, he dies... of course, that backfired with their safeties. The suicidal phase was over for him before he actually started the game. Once he selected his Dice... he became committed to at least trying and at a point he is very attached to some of the dice and feels responsible for them. He did keep a bad habit of cutting himself when severely depressed though.

When it came time to select his first basic Dice, he decided to follow his heart instead of selecting the biggest and strongest. In this manner he selected two runt Sallomandyrs slated for pit bait which he named Zeta and Epsy, as well as a small kitten which became Stealth. His friends feared he was sabotaging himself, but his Dice ended up very loyal to him as a result.

Once put into play, he became reacquainted with Riley again, whom he hadn't seen since leaving Litta. Riley became determined to help Lexx. He also had the misfortune of meeting Trasik, who has decided to obtain Lexx by any means possible, leading to the worst battles he's had to face.

He's fought her twice before his current set. The first time, she underestimated him. The second time, she almost killed him, but it was her Dice that lost. The Dice she had used at that point had quills all over it and bladed tentacles laced with an acid that burned and ate through his skin. He’d barely lived through it. The Dice had continued to fight even when it could barely move and Trasik did not recall it to save it. At that point, it forced Lexx to attack to finish the battle. It had been a brutal death match and most of the spectators who were present left near the end due to the heinous tactics employed by Trasik. It took him weeks to recover. (AD Day 6, strip 26)

He's also had some very bad experiences with Premium Visitations, especially with one who knew how to shut off his nanites while he was demonstrating he couldn't get drunk with them.

He became friends with Damian after saving Damian's life from an encounter pursuing women that went wrong. Although much too touchy/feely for his liking, he has been a true friend to him.

He had made a mistake when he first met Claudia. He had helped her, and wound up with a persistent and overly-amorous friend who didn't understand why he didn't want her to 'thank' him. He does find her attractive, but her aggressive approach makes him very uncomfortable. (AD Day 14, strip 20)

He surprised everyone by having already won two of the three sets required to win his freedom, a freedom the ADC doesn't want to give him, but due to how popular a player he is, they can't hide him.

The ADC had offered him an arena contract four times so far since the middle of his last set, where he would still belong to the corporation and be forced to battle on their schedules and places for the rest of his life, but he would gain the benefits of a cut of the winnings and would never be captured. They were acknowledging that he might actually beat the game and wanted to cut him off before he was fully free. (AD Day 6, strip 27)

He decided to play his third set on Earth, where he became acquainted with Chelsea Reid in the pursuit of Stealth, and developed a friendship that began to develop romantically.

Due to fears that Lexx's developing relationship with Chel might hurt their profits, (AD Day 10, strip 44) the ADC decided to modify his contract slightly. He was given the option to be removed from active game play, where he could no longer be captured or challenged and would be retired in good standing with the ADC and Network, (AD Day 11, strip 35) in return for DNA extraction on a regular basis for a period of 10 years for the purpose of creating progeny they would own (as well as all naturally born children in that time becoming property of the ADC), with a full release from the ADC, with disclosures, after that time. (AD Day 11, strip 36) He refused, and they suggested he not have any future relationship with Chel, which he also refused. (AD Day 11, strip 37) Because he refused, they declared that his ship was being upgraded immediately to include full audio transmissions at all times... though their offer remains open until they say otherwise or he loses. (AD Day 11, strip 38) He received a second audio earring to go with his tracking ring. (AD Day 39)

After capturing more Dice and another battle with Trasik, Andisel would put her plan into motion. (AD Day 22, strip 147) First would capture Chel, and leave the message he would need to go to Trasik's home on Litta to get her back. (AD Day 22, strip 184) He would go there and challenge her, and she would cite a rule and send two Dice against him. (AD Day 24, strip 95) Although he came close to winning, a 'lucky' blow would result in him losing. (AD Day 24, strip 103) Chel would stab her with a spear as she moved in to capture him, (AD Day 24, strip 109) and she would pull out a dagger and attempt to stab Chel, but stab Lexx instead (while giving away she wasn't the real Trasik). (AD Day 24, strip 112) Lexx would immediately suffer severe effects from the stab, due to the blade being coated with a poison that affects nanites. (AD Day 24, strip 126) In fact, the blade was prepared specifically for him, containing a virus there's no record of how to cure that makes nanites malfunction. (AD Day 24, strip 139) The infected nanites destroy his body while the uninfected heal it in an endless cycle, end result of which is purging his body of all nanites (which could kill him due to their replacing his immune system), or let him die. (AD Day 24, strip 140)

The Architects would come to his aid. They would scan and remove all his nanites, (AD day 25, strip 91) as well as repair his coding, including removing the bad coding. (AD day 25, strip 94) They would also painfully fix his physical coding. (AD Day 25, strip 96) Afterwards he would feel better, and still have access to all his abilities, as well as a few new ones. (AD Day 25, strip 98)