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  • By Ice Queen
  • Based on Comic and fiction by Tiffany Ross, I claim none of these characters, just think that they're adorable ^_^

"There it is, the thing called... Cow. That's where milk comes from!" Stealth licked her lips, almost drooling over the thought of her favorite beverage.

"Zeta not so sure bout this, Cow thing is big!" The small dinosaur like thing stated, cocking his head slightly as he studied their prey. "Maybe Stealth should ask Chel for milk, Chel got lots of milk!"

"She hasn't gotten any now, she still has to go to the store, seeing as you drank the last of the milk!" Stealth hissed. Fly cocked his head, wondering what the big deal was, anyway. He didn't know what their obsession with the white liquid was, nor was he interested in finding out, he was merely here because it promised to be entertaining.

"Hey, Stealth? Exactly how do you get milk from that thing, anyways? It doesn't appear to have a lid."

Stealth blinked, she hadn't thought of that. "I'll... tell you after we capture it, all right? Now stop asking stupid questions! If we capture that thing over there we'll have enough milk to last a lifetime!"

"Ohhh... Zeta like that!" He started running towards the cow, heedless of Stealth's yells. The feel of claws digging into his tail stopped him, his eyes growing wide, his mouth dropping open. "OWWWW!!! Why Stealth claw Zeta? Zeta just trying help!"

"But we need a plan before charging! Like you said, this cow thing is large, and we don't have any dice. Now... How about I distract him, Fly covers it's eyes and you... do... something, all right? On the count of three. One... Two... THREE!!"

Stealth ran out, racing up the back end of the cow and latching onto it's back with her claws. Fly flew up to the front area, trying to grasp the area over the eyes, but having some difficulties.

"YOU NEVER SAID THESE THINGS HAD HORNS!!" Zeta, completely unaware of the drama above him raced out to the front of the cow, ready to blast it with his fire. The... Cow's eyes grew wide at the sight of the small creature and it snorted, dragging one hoof through the dirt.

"Uh Oh... Zeta no like look of this!" Zeta stated, turning away and running as fast as possible from the now charging creature. They were an interesting sight, a cat hanging by it's claws shouting something about the difference between a Bull and a Cow making more sense now, a flying squirrel hanging from the horns of the rampaging bull, and a miniature dinosaur creature running for it's life.

Within a few moments Zeta grew tired of running, and turned, releasing a large blast of fire. Fly and Stealth jumped off right before it hit, but the bull was not so lucky.

"Zeta smell something funny..." Zeta stated, cocking his head at the now motionless creature of mass destruction.

"Yeah, I think the humans call it flame-broiled." Stealh gasped in reply. "Well, now that I know the difference between a Bull and a cow, who's up for another round?"

Zeta and Fly looked at each other, nodded, and jumped the cat-like creature at the same time.

"All right! I'll ask Chel!!"

The End.