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Kade Lanier
Trasik, Domic, Biste, Mauki, Fily, Tairil, Riley + one more son


  • Riley didn't know where Lexx had gone after the death of his parents - the ADC had already claimed guardianship of him, and Riley's parents wouldn't tell him that's where he was. (AD Day 11, strip 69) They had felt it best not to tell him because they could do nothing about it. They had tried, but run into wall after wall, because once a child has been signed over to the ADC as their guardian, the only way they could be released is if the ADC signed them over, and that never occurred. (AD Day 11, strip 70)
    • While younger, idle conversation often seemed to drift toward Lexx, Riley knew his father was just concerned with the horrors that were occurring to Lexx that Riley, at the time, had no knowledge of. (AD Day 24, strip 56)
  • He has told Riley in the past to stay out of the situation with Lexx. (AD Day 20, strip 24)
  • He angrily contacted Riley when it came to his attention that duplicates of his contact books had been made, and Riley has been harassing some of his friends and business associates. (AD Day 21, strip 32) He stated that his actions had not gone unnoticed, and he wanted Riley to stop working for Zaile and leave Earth - and refused to be distracted by news of Riley's engagement. (AD Day 21, strip 33) Riley countered with 'someone has to help Lexx' - he countered with 'not you'. (AD Day 21, strip 34)
  • He mentions he has told Trasik to leave Lexx alone, and in fact told all his kids to stay out of this and not one has listened. Then mentions 'If your mother knew about -' and trailed off, leaving Riley to imagine the anger and scolding he might endure if she did find out, (not knowing that she DOES know (AD Day 20, strip 24)) followed by telling Riley to stop meddling. (AD Day 21, strip 35)
  • They mention his name is Kade, and he's the head of the Lanier house in AD Day 24, strip 36
  • When Shira Grandmother and her husband went to him for help after finding out that Shira Lessa was in fact alive and in need of rescue, he grew furious, (AD Day 24, strip 36) and would head off to her rescue with Rumen. (AD Day 24, strip 37)
  • Would spend much time with Lessa as she recovered. Turns out they had grown up together, and while their feelings for each other were no secret, they never acted upon them. (AD Day 24, strip 40)
  • When Lessa and Rumen got married, he would insist on throwing them a lavish wedding. (AD Day 24, strip 42)
  • He had talked to Trasik and informed her if she didn't stop her foolishness, he would disown her. She laughed it off until her mother told her the same thing. On the day of the battle with Lexx for Chel she was supposed to resign from the game and meet her future husband, but never showed up. (AD Day 24, strip 133)
  • The Lanier family business is shipbuilding, which Kade is in charge of and what keeps him busy. His wife stands in for him in the business when he is away and handles a lot of the details. They pretty much share in their control of the business, but the household is for the mother to control – and she has been reluctant to really put her foot down. She was kind of waiting for Trasik to redirect her aggressions onto someone more appropriate than Lexx.
  • When the Gauntlet was issued against Lexx, he would arrange for Riley to be on the list of challengers. (AD Day 26, strip 28) He told Riley to stop meddling, they had always planned on the Gauntlet to be Lexx's escape route, and when he won everyone would go home and the Lanier family would sever all ties to the game. (AD Day 26, strip 29)