Ravon Akaelae

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Short Biography


Ravon akaelae.jpg
Akaelae, Ravon
Wolf (Genetic Elite)
White fur with very light grey in Akaelae, light gray with white face and underside with medium grey hair in Darius - by Campus Safari however, he is mostly dark colored except for his face and underside which remained white, along with dark grey hair that is spiked on his crown. Green eyes. (Looks like he takes after his father)


Donnvan Akaelae (father) and Zaeus Akaelae (mother)
Efram Akaelae (older brother), Darius Akaelae (older brother), Tae Akaelae (younger sister) and Kea Akaelae (younger sister).
Shay, Ciphyr, Oz


Young Ravon Akaelae.jpg

In Akaelae, he is a cute cub of a couple of years old. Adores his brother, Darius, and tends to glomp him whenever he gets home. Very sensitive, he cries if he feels if he has harmed Darius somehow. Hyperactive too in that he likes to bounce on springy surfaces such as beds. Has a fondness for the gryphons in the park's aviary.

By the time of Campus Safari, he is in his teens and possibly a student at the Mars Academy. Staying with Darius, along with Tae and Kea, in his quarters.


Known characteristics

  • His name is pronounced like Raven, not Rahvon.
  • He seems to have a knowledge of hair-dressing in Campus Safari as when Cilke dyed her hair blue, she asked for his help before doing it, (Campus Safari, strip 178) and he suggested that she add some frost to it. (Campus Safari, strip 223)
  • Adores Celina.


  • Appears first in Campus Safari coming in after the hair dyeing prank incident. (Campus Safari, strip 177)
  • Ravon Akaelae went to school with Shay, Ciphyr and Oz.
  • Appears first in Akaelae doing a flying glomp at Darius. (Akaelae, strip 103)
  • He loves going to the park and feeding the gryphons at the Aviary. (Akaelae, strip 106)
  • Ravon likes to bounce.
  • Thinks hide-and-seek is fun, especially with Quinn. (Akaelae, strip 116)
  • First appeared in Darius during and after-Birthday party family meal. (Darius, strip 54)