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Short Biography


Rayne Saeval
Black Fox
Head of Academy Security, Mars Academy (in Campus Safari and Sink or Swim[1])
A mostly black fox with white hair, and white markings including the tips of his ears and the tip of his tail. His hair is usually kept in a simple, short cropped haircut.




  • First appeared in Sink or Swim in silhouette waiting to be picked up as a passenger, along with Tamera and Darrik, on the Kangaroo's ship in Florida. (Sink or Swim, strip 39)
  • First seen boarding when they arrived. (Sink or Swim, strip 54)

  • First appeared in Campus Safari showing up in medical for security business (discussing with Ciphyr and Darius Akaelae how Collin Akaelae attacked Chatin while he was asleep). He would arrive with Tamera at Darrik's request. (Campus Safari, strip 208) Tamera would tease him that he and Silver should have kits of their own - he would protest that he wasn't even courting her. (Campus Safari, strip 209)
  • Is being romantically pursued by Silver, he grew up in the same Mounty Hall as her. (Campus Safari, strip 210)
  • Considers Dallas to be even more trouble than Stephen. (Campus Safari, strip 368) Especially hates the way he likes teleporting into places. (Campus Safari, strip 375)
  • Considers humans to be unpredictable and challenging, and would prefer they all be shipped to Earth, though admits he might miss how they make life interesting. (Campus Safari, strip 376)

  • First appeared in Cesilee's Diary criticizing Darius for having fun at the expense of others (namely Khaelis). (Cesilee's Diary, strip 28)

  • Rayne has an ingenious approach to the whole gift giving thing. He buys his presents the day AFTER Resolution day, that way he gets them cheap, and he has them stashed away for the next one. Although, Rayne would probably only celebrate the major Resolution Day unless badgered into it, since it's kind of tough to keep up with both Wolf and Mounty holidays.
  • Has no prejudice against humans - however, considers Terrans another matter entirely.

MARPG Profile

Full Name
Rayne Saeval
Fox (Black)
Head of Academy Security
"OKAY, HOLD ON JUST A MINUTE! ... Now, slow down and start over again, from the beginning."

How much experience do you have with roleplaying? How much time have you spent on MUSHs/MUXs/etc.? Several years of tabletop RPGs, and about 5 years of roleplaying on various MU*s, including staff positions. On an average, I spend about 85 percent of my spare time on mushes.

What is your character's personality? What things does s/he like? Dislike? What are the strong points of your character? Name one thing your character would never do and why. How does s/he interact with others? What are their abilities, hobbies, things they're good at? MENTION if they carry some sort of weapon. It's not uncommon for a Cyantian to have some sort of weapon, usually not high powered ones though and most likely for ornamentation. They also have to have permission to carry them. No guns. They make Rayne fidgety.

Rayne usually seems to have a serious, rather intense personality. Sometimes he seems to be the 'wet blanket' among the more lightspirited personalities in the Academy, but it's only because he takes his position very seriously. Most often, he winds up playing the straight man to Darius, Silver, Cilke, and anybody else with a habit of joking around, but this doesn't mean that he doesn't have a sense of humor himself (although he makes every effort to make people think he doesn't).

Rayne tends to like activities which are physical in nature, or provide some sort of mental challenge to overcome. In his free time, he can often be found engaging in a bit of rock climbing and/or rappelling, a hobby he picked up while living with the Mounties in his youth. Things that Rayne dislikes include most Terrans and Golden Foxes, as well as anything or anyone he views as wasting his time. He isn't prejudiced, persay, but old habits die hard, and he tends to be a bit more scrutinizing and suspicious of Golds and Terrans (not just to include Earth-born humans, as Tamera found out when they first met).

There are very few things Rayne wouldn't do if absolutely neccessary; he is a survivor after all, and he's used to having to make tough choices. However, he is extremely reluctant to kill ANYTHING, due to his upbringing with the Mounties, which taught him to value life in all of it's myriad forms. This doesn't mean that he won't kill someone or something if he's forced into it, just that it's definitely a last resort. He's also extremely loyal to his friends, family, and the people he's responsible for (the majority of the staff, faculty, and students of the Academy). He'll always strive to do everything he can to help those people, even if it means discomfort or even injury to himself.

Rayne has many abilities and natural talents which aid him in performing his duties, some of which are his genetic heritage, and some of which are skills that he's been honing since childhood. His reflexes, manual dexterity, and agility are all superb, and he's capable of moving with a lightning-like speed that's second only to Silver's among the staff members of the Academy.

Like all black foxes, he carries the genetic legacy of the Cyantian Elite, and he's capable of accelerated healing while moving, as well as having a slight edge over the average Fox in nearly every aspect of physical strength, endurance, speed, etc. He's also in top physical condition, as he maintains an rigorous exercise schedule almost religiously (much to the dismay of Security interns in training, and students unfortunate enough to be handed over to his custody for discipline). He's an accomplished hand to hand combatant and qualified on most typical small arms and military weapons commonly used by the Wolf, Fox, and Mounties. He regularly spars with Silver (who he's never actually managed to beat, to her amusement and his frustration) and Celina (whom he clashes with regularly, which usually results in one or both of them winding up in the infirmary).

Rayne typically either doesn't carry a weapon around; as with all black foxes, he possesses a rudimentary ability to convert and manipulate energy in the environment around him, making him a weapon himself; or he carries with him a typical Gravity Sabre of Mounty make. This simple weapon is a rod similar to a foil, but with a thicker and more solid 'blade' that terminates in an emitter at the end. So named because it's commonly used on ships and is a favored weapon of pirates and marines in zero gravity (because it won't blow holes through hulls or life-support systems), the 'blade' can generate a flow of electricity along it's length of variable voltage and current, or fire an electrical burst of the same with a simple pull of the trigger. Rayne's sabre is of course set to non-lethal voltage and amperage, but it's more than enough to stun and make whoever he weilds it against miserable.

Rayne favors a light lift in most situations where he might need one. It's been customized to his specifications, and is really not much more than a suit of armor. It has numerous apogee motors at the joints to keep up with his movements and allow him to move without any hinderance, and it's extremely lightweight. It has a clamp over the left shoulder for his gravity sabre when Rayne is carrying it, and a mag-lock plate on each hip for a firearm when Rayne's inclined to carry one. It's only built-in armaments are extra armored plates of an extremely dense material over the elbows, knees, wrists, and ankles. The wrist and ankle plates are capable of swivelling into position to add extra strength to his blows when engaging in hand to hand combat.

Rayne is naturally suspicious of just about everything and everybody. In a more neurotic person, his behavior would be called paranoid, but as it is, it's just another facet of the job. He's not a genius, and possesses only an average understanding of technical and science fields, but he's extremely clever when it comes to making leaps of logic and working out who did what to whom at what time in which location for what reason. He's also extremely persistent and determined, and once he gets on someone's case for something, he doesn't give up until he's satisfied he has the truth. And he has an extreme dislike for liars, whom he's gotten very good at catching in the act (*cough*Stephen*cough*).

Give an example description of your character. See Rayne in the strip. To be short, though- He usually dresses simply when he's on duty. Standard military-ish boots, Martian camoflague fatigue-style pants, black tank-top style shirt, and a Security jacket/overcoat. When he's in a more relaxed scene, he dresses a little more stylishly, but he still favors casual clothing. Like most Black foxes, he has white hair, but he has an unusual amount of white markings including the tips of his ears and the tip of his tail, which presumably came from one of his parents. His hair is usually kept in a simple, short cropped haircut, similar to the haircuts popular with the US military- except when Diji gets ahold of him.

Why is it essential that your character be here in the Mars Academy? What are their qualifications? Traits useful to the future colony? Recruiting class? Goals in being here?

It is essential for Rayne to be at the Mars Academy because whenever he's not around, it seems like Murphy's Law immediately goes into effect. Rayne spent 8 years of his life being trained harshly by the Captain of the Royal Guard in Galen Cragg, to become the youngest member of the Guard ever. He served as a protector and companion to the King's children (adopted and biological), and formed close relationships with most of them. In some ways, they're the surrogate family he never had. He first met Darius Akaelae when the proposal for the Academy was first started, and though he had intended to stay out of the project, he was gradually won over when Silver, Brix, and Tira agreed to take part in it, and as he came to know Darius. Now, he's responsible for running damage control on the Academy, training a new wave of Security teams, and trying to keep his new best friend and honorary brother out of trouble.

What is your characters nature and thoughts on others of his/her species? What is his/her view on other species? Please do not fall into a stereotype. The creatures of CyantiaMUSH are NOT bound by human views of how each species should interact. They are not bound from birth to be good or evil, the decisions they make in life lead them down one road or the other.

Rayne isn't too fond of Fox society, especially after the experiences he's had with them in his earlier years. More to the point, he doesn't consider himself to BE a citizen of the Fox empire; By Rayne's own admission, he's a subject of the Mounty kingdom who just happens to be a Fox, and he considers the Mounties to be his 'people'. His view's beginning to change slowly as Kiet works on reforming Fox society, but he's not planning on walking back into open arms. Rayne is most at ease around Mounties, and he often visits Brix, Tira, and the others he grew up with in his off time, just to reminsce. Rayne has a high degree of admiration for the Wolf society and all of their accomplishments, and he considers them the most vital to the Academy project. While it's neccessary for all of the species to cooperate, it was the Wolf who started the project. He's more or less neutral on most of the other species, preferring to judge them as individuals rather than resort to generalizations. But as mentioned before, he has a special distrust (not quite dislike, although he's not particularly fond of them) of Terrans, most notably humans. The worst humans in his eyes are the agents of the various MIB branches, whom Rayne has come into conflict with several times in his frequent missions to Earth. Like Darius and Silver, Rayne has a semi-personal feud with the agency, and he's often had to 'abduct'/extract people associated with the Cyantians before they're picked up by the MIB.

Among the other staff members, Rayne is perhaps closest to Darius, Tira, and Silver. Darius is his best friend, and the closest he's had to a brother, while Tira is kind of his 'little big sister'. He has a particularly close relationship with Silver. He's also fond of Brix (although he still sees her more as 'Princess Brix' than a sister) and Tamera, although the latter seems to have made a hobby out of teasing him. Rayne definitely gets along least with Celina; by mutual consent the two argue and clash whenever they're in the same room together, like oil and water.