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Unfinished and ongoing projects

Cyantian Chronicles Timeline and categorization of Wars

It seems like there is a discussion on whats going on with the Cyantian Chronicles wars. ShivaeWiki is not all that clear about it which is why that information need to be more accessible.

The effort needed is to clear out the information at the Cyantian Timeline and place all wars and battles in their own articles. A Cyantian Chronicles Wars category page has been made.

Following war pages has been made:


Syke has mentioned that No Angel will be moving from to to highlight its noncontinuity with the other strips... when that happens all the No Angel links will need to be changed to the new link.

Wiki Cleanup

Ongoing cleanup tasks can be found at the cleanup page

Ongoing Projects

Alien Dice Comic References

The characters in the Alien Dice section of this wiki lacks references to the comic strips. I.e. when they first show up, and references to where you find out the facts.

Adding Pictures to the Wiki

We need to add pictures to all character pages, so that readers visually know who is who. These may be rips from the comics. Here are the respective category pages for those who are willing to add pictures:

Completed or overruled projects

Check the History of changes to ShivaeWiki article for more.