Sirene Akaelae

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Short Biography


Sirene akaelae.jpg
Sirene Akaelae
Wolf (female)
Blond and brown fur with blond hair. Brown eyes.


  • Youngest daughter of Alpha
  • Sister (possibly twin) of Syrys
  • Love interest of Rama.


  • First appeared in Akaelae on a date with Rama. (Akaelae, strip 265)
  • Alpha did not approve of her relationship with Rama due to the fact that children of such a union could be deformed (since Rama was a half-breed), and tried to keep her away from Rama's courting. (Akaelae, strip 265)
  • She loved Rama very, very much. However, her father and siblings had a very hostile reaction to it and she ended up being forced to leave and hidden from him on Avistary.
  • Rama eventually located her there, but no sooner had he started courting her again than Syrys found them and physically attacked Rama, and won. (Akaelae, strip 266)
  • Current location unknown as Rama never found her again afterwards (possibly died during the encounter between Syrys and Rama).


  • In Danie was described as being silver and white and the twin sister of Syrys