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Short Biography


Black Fox
Mostly black, with white-tipped ears and white hair. Blue eyes.


Darrik [1]


  • In Tamera's past, the young black vixen is pushed through a ground-based portal to Earth by her father... who is then shot.
  • Tamera is one of a handful of Elite fox that escaped to Earth. Tamera grew up in Jamaica, hence her accent. Little is known about her past, but at some point she married Darrik, another Black raised on Earth.

  • First introduced in silhouette as passenger to be picked up by the Roo ship in Florida along with Rayne and Darrik in Sink or Swim. (Sink or Swim, strip 39)
  • Later seen sitting on board the ship, asking to use the kitchen facilities on the Roo ship. (Sink or Swim, strip 56)
  • She had kits on the way at the time, and Rayne was worried the tension between them and the Fox-hating Cere might trigger early labor. (Sink or Swim, strip 57)
  • She had been to Earth to visit the human foster family who raised her after her father died smuggling her to Earth. (Sink or Swim, strip 59)
  • She's a great cook who likes to use food as a tension breaker. (Sink or Swim, strip 60)

  • First appeared in Campus Safari showing up for a medical visit while pregnant. (Campus Safari, strip 208) After commenting that her kits were almost ready to be born, she would tease Rayne that he and Silver should make some kits of their own. (Campus Safari, strip 209)
  • During Campus Safari, Tamera gave birth to four kits, one of each Elite color: White (boy),(Campus Safari, strip 410) Black (boy),(Campus Safari, strip 408) Silver (boy),(Campus Safari, strip 411) and Gold (girl) (Campus Safari, strip 412) - though the gold may or may not be Elite. To help with a training exercise, she not only had the godparents attend the birth (which included Darius and Vic), but also several students, including Kika & Anka and Atasia. (Campus Safari, strip 406)