Whistle Pods

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Whistle pods - a weed found in temperate mountain regions growing almost exclusively between 1500 and 500 feet below the tree line. In the spring, the winter-hardened pollen pods split open, and the strong mountain winds whip past sucking the pollen out and scattering it from one mountain side to another. Some allergies to the pollen have been known to occur in Native Cyantian species. The pods remain on the plant for approximately a month during which time breezes blowing across the empty pods may cause an intermittent whistling sound. The overall effect can be either lovely or irritating depending on whether or not you like piccolo music. Seed dispersal occurs during the late summer in a fashion similar to pollen distribution, but the pods are larger, the notes are correspondingly lower (more in the flute range), and the heavier seeds seldom travel for more than a couple hundred feet.