Worldstar Conglomerate Headquarters

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Worldstar Conglomerate Headquarters, or at least that's what they call themselves, is the World Leader in espionage and intel gathering and analysis. [1] It has been around for 100 years. It is known to have offices at least in India and Jamaica, as well as wherever Abby Normal is employed.

Sometimes also called World Star Agency Headquarters.

Their phone system contains standard lines, secured lines, and emergency lines. [2]

It has an intramural softball team. [3]

There is apparently a 'Gauntlet of Death' that employees must go through to reach the employee parking lot. [4]

The security clearances means employees take an hour getting into or out of the complex - a problem with a half hour lunch break. The clearances apparently include dropping them out of a phone booth and down a 40 foot chute. [5]

It's main computer is a Cranson 4800 capable of going through incredible amounts of data to determine patterns or formulas regarding keywords based on gathered intelligence with record speed, then consolidate any potential warnings into an hourly report. It also gets breaks, for even though it is a one-of-a-kind computer, it has a strong union. [6] The only thing it can't handle is video games, issuing a zombie alert when one is installed. [7]

'The Admiral' was the founder of the Agency. It was believed he might come back to haunt the building on the anniversary of his death because he was a workaholic, [8] but the only 'ghost' that turned up was the result of the building old, decrepit radiator. [9]