Zax Akaelae

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Short Biography


Zax Akaelae
Full name 
Zax Diemos Akaelae
Wolf (Genetic Elite)
Red fur, black hair, and green(?) eyes. Real-looking cybernetic arm and leg.
Appeared in 
Sink or Swim




He is the long lost relative of the Akaelaes and was manipulated by Rama during the Centralis War in an effort to destroy the Akaelaes. He ended up realizing this and escaped from Rama, losing an arm and a leg in the process. (Sink or Swim, strip 208) He ended up saving the lives of several of Centralis' best as well (this might have ended up causing him to voluntarily surrender instead of being merely captured). He would end up being placed under Cere's guard, much to her displeasure at first. They eventually become close and would end up developing a relationship (although he is also a persistent suitor of Sheana).

Size issue

Like other Genetic Elites, he is short, shorter than even Cere.


Known characteristics

  • He is a happy go-lucky Wolf who is the eternal optimist (a polly-anna would better come to mind). He does not dwell on the past, nor does he seem to give much regard to the future either. A live-for-the-moment type, and a daredevil to boot.

Known traits and abilities

  • His daredevil antics make him the "greatest gravball player in the galaxy". He achieved this title by skimming without gravlocks to improve his maneuverability - and keeps 3 spare legs on hand because of it (though it's not always enough). (Sink or Swim, strip 151)
  • He is a poet by nature and loves to recite them. (Sink or Swim, strip 242) Also likes to sing.


  • First appears in Sink or Swim bringing Shadou and Miste to meet the Roos. (Sink or Swim, strip 149)
  • Rebound is jealous of him because the only time Cere ever appears happy is when she is around Zax. (Rebound refers to him as a self-indulgent egotistical tail chaser (Sink or Swim, strip 152))
  • He first met Cere a couple of days after the end of the Teraplex War as a prisoner of war. (Sink or Swim, strip 206) He was unusually happy despite his injuries because he wouldn't have to fight anymore, or answer to Rama. (Sink or Swim, strip 208)
  • Cere mentions he's a prisoner for his part in the start of the war. (Sink or Swim, strip 208) He mentions he did not kill anyone, and his actions kept some of the best from their side from dying. (Sink or Swim, strip 209)
  • Syrys mentions he was in a bad situation, lied to, and used, but made the right choice when the time came. (Sink or Swim, strip 212)
  • When Cere kept voicing her dislike of him by his associations during the war, Syrys ordered her to be Zax's escort. (Sink or Swim, strip 214) It led to the development of their relationship. (Sink or Swim, strip 215)
    • Sees no problem with having a relationship with Cere instead of one he could have cubs with, suspecting his 'breeding' is no longer desirable after the events in the War. (SoS, Chapter 4, Strip 4)

  • While not having appeared in Campus Safari, he has been mentioned. Celina claims he's been flirting with Sheana Tibal and could be a possible love interest. (Campus Safari, strip 200) Sheana also plans to call him later when she feels Darius isn't pursuing a serious relationship, figuring a wolf who pursues her is a better investment than one she has to pursue. (Campus Safari, strip 464)