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Short Biography


Fox (Gold)
Very pale gold fur, curly blond hair and fluffy tail, about five feet tall.
Technomage Instructor at the Mars Academy


Rama, Rezna


She was considered a reject amongst her kind, so she has a general dislike of Fox, but she likes her technomages regardless of which race they are. With the exception of her students, she is not nearly as nice as everyone else believes. She is in league with Rama because they have similar goals. He has promised her that the technomages will be the ones second under him, and that is where she believes they ought to be (but if Rama fails to uphold his end of the bargain then things could get very dangerous for him).

Nonetheless, she has chosen to follow him and has no qualms about doing dirty deeds for him. Such as gaining control of Collin in an attempt to murder Chatin because she is a member of the Elite, or to steal one of the Xaibars to convert into a technofamiliar.(Campus Safari, strip 256)(Campus Safari, strip 273) (Though flees when she accidentally revives the Tappers along with Flashback.) (Campus Safari, strip 297)


Known characteristics

  • Zimae doesn't have ANY good intentions.. well, other than she'd like the technomages to rule everything.
  • She does have a mischievous nature and doesn't have a very strong conscience in terms of being good or bad, but knows how to appear good and helpful.
  • She is sincerely friendly to other technomages and her students, no matter their species, a bit leery of humans, but she's getting over it.
  • She was a bit put off by Rezna's constant hatred for humans. She can see their usefulness.
  • Ironically, she is overly critical of her students (she believes that this will force the weak ones to leave).
  • If there's one thing she doesn't like, it's timid students, and she has noticeable disdain of them. (Campus Safari, strip 451) She finds them to always be a pain to get to try anything new, and many quit before the actual implants were taken on, being a waste of time and good familiars.
  • Doesn't like to be kept waiting.

Known traits and abilities

  • She can teleport, which happens to be her specialty, as well as her familiar's design. Jewel's quite tweaked out for combat if necessary.


  • First 'appeared' in No Angel conversing with Rama about Rezna's demise through Jewel. (No Angel, strip 58)
  • First physically appeared in No Angel coming up behind Phoenix as she teased Marcus when he was brought in as a new student in need of a familiar. (though that arc not online)
  • Considers all human technomage students eccentric, though she's used to their strangeness. (Campus Safari, strip 450)
  • Zimae's office is just like her waiting room. Bookshelves filled with an assortment of books and plastic data cases lined one wall. A large extremely organized desk stood against another wall and in front of it were several comfortable looking divans.
  • First appeared in Campus Safari reporting to Rama that the Dreamwalker was fully under their control. (Campus Safari, strip 180)
  • She would put a memory block on Rezna so he would not be able to mention he worked with her and Rama when he began to get reckless in his hatred of humans. (Campus Safari, strip 258)
  • Her name would be Zima if not for the drink with the same name.
  • She is kinda ticked off at having Marcus for a student. For one thing, he's an outsider and she has to stop doing her own work to make sure that he catches up.
    • She's a little put off by his desire to be like Dallas. (Campus Safari, strip 453)