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The Alien & Metaphysical Investigation Bureau, better known as the "American Men in Black" or AMIB is a secret organization created some time ago to investigate sightings of "weres" and alien craft & beings. Unlike the CIA in "Tom Clancy" novels, the men and their actions described so far have been cold and ruthless. They have killed and detained a number of citizens whom they felt knew too much. This includes people who found themselves the result of genetic experiments with alien technology. The AMIB are very well known by most officials, the CIA and the police. They are told that when the AMIB decide to get involved that they are to let them do their business after verifying their identity as a member of the AMIB. They have authority over the FBI and police, much to the resentment of the latter two, and have forcefully shut down black-budget projects involving secret alien tech, such as "Project America." It has been suggested they may bribe into silence those they feel are a lesser risk.

Any Cyantian they come across will be shot. As a scene in No Angel showed the characters on Earth coming across a group of Cyantian Koyoti who threatened them, there have invariably been other unpleasant incidents between humans and hostile Cyantians, which may be partly responsible for the AMIB's ruthlessness.

Other major nations also have their own secret organizations looking into reports of aliens and weres (those too poor probably end up with another country's agents in their territory). Not all are as cold as the AMIB, but they do cooperate and there is an understanding any one that is seen as too soft on covering things up in it's territory, others will. They work together to achieve the same goal, that of 'keeping' the peace by making sure that aliens are not made known to prevent a panic, but they all have different ways of doing this.

The American version is a bit vicious and would love to study any aliens they can find and they have. They have a zero tolerance policy. I haven't decided on what the others are like, other than the Japanese version is much more REASONABLE, the Canadian version nonphased by anything, and more reasonable.

When reporters try to cover something they want hidden, most likely the AMIB would do nothing more than a visit and a warning to the reporters, no actual action taken since that might give credit the story. *They're not beyond bribery either.*

Yeah.. there IS the whole issue that Jules is not going to like it if they DID leave her behind. The AMIB aren't exactly pleasant when they want to know something.

They have recently begun picking up people for having contact with Cyantians, (Campus Safari, strip 238) and put them through interrogation. (Campus Safari, strip 239)

The AMIB doesn't normal ammunition against abnormal beings, it comes with a virus that puts an average man in a coma within six hours, along with causing fever, headache, a loss of concentration, loss of appetite, and loss of sensation in ones' limbs. (No Angel, strip 279)

The AMIB headquarters is set in New Jersey, and the Cyantians have set a warp gate to access it in case they need to do an emergency rescue from them. They are classified as Caution level 4.

They tend not to bother anyone returned with temporary amnesia, thus leading the Cyantians to occasionally wipe the recent memories of some of those they encountered before returning them. (Campus Safari, strip 240) The only downside is sometimes more is wiped than intended. (Campus Safari, strip 241)

There are also several other similar organizations run independently by other countries. It has been rumored that first contact may occur with the JMIB (Japanese Men in Black).