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This entertaining storyline follows the exploits of Cesilee, Khaelis, and Marcus, among others. Orginally titled Cesilee's Diary, as it recorded the exploits of an ocelot named Cesilee, who has an unusual (perhaps for ocelots) interest in humans, and what others see as an unhealthy infatuation with the human named Marcus. The original storyline displayed in great detail the growing intrest Cesilee showed in Marcus, eventually leading up to her stalking him and spy on him through binoculars. This runs parallel to Campus Safari and No Angel, and signs of Cesilee's infatuation with Marcus are displayed in both of them. More recently, the story-line expanded to include not only more focus on Marcus, but also stories focusing on the tenuous and often exploitive relationship between Jules and Khaelis. It also reveals that Khaelis has an unexplicable (he's a fox!) weakness for catnip, and for the most part loses his sanity when he comes into contact with it.

Due in part to people's habit of continuing to refer to the main storyline as Cesilee's Diary, it later split with the Cesilee parts returning to a Cesilee's Diary strips while Academy Diaries became home to several omakes, many containing characters from the MARPG, with their owners' permission. It later became the known also as Shivae Studios Omakes, whose status was Inactive/Sporadic on purpose.

Academy Diaries has nothing to do with any of the Cyantian strips as part of a storyline. It's just random strips and short stories, most of which are 'extras' that would never happen in the canon, such as the Roomies/Campus Safari crossover: