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An old friend of Lexx's from the Alien Dice Academy, (AD Day 14, strip 24) who had planned upon leaving to pick who he lost to to get the best life possible... seeing the arenas as his way out. (AD Day 14 strip 29) He became a member of Saign's Arena Team (and has developed a relationship with her (AD Day 14, strip 34)(AD Day 14, strip 57)).

Even though he never beat Lexx during their practice matches, he felt confident he could beat him now since he was bonded to a newer dice than Lexx was. (AD Day 14, strip 28)

He's among the top ranked Master Dice. (AD Day 14, strip 46)

He encouraged Saign to challenge Lexx and let them fight because he felt Lexx would have better chances of a good life as part of their team than risking everything trying to win the game (Lexx disagreed). (AD Day 14, strip 25) He sincerely thought he was helping Lexx by forcing him to join their team, knowing the ADC was likely to try and kill him rather than let him win. (AD Day 14, strip 34) Despite being a third generation dice at level 19 at the time of the challenge, a much lower leveled Lexx (level 7) beat him easily. (AD Day 14, strip 55) When faced with this, he refused to surrender, feeling what Saign would do was worse than death (AD Day 14, strip 49) - losing his job and being free. Saign stepped in and stopped the battle. (AD Day 14, strip 52) And he wasn't fired. (AD Day 14, strip 57)

His battle with Lexx was the worst fight he had ever been in. Most of the time, he went through First Blood fights or wrestling. Not battles that ended up with busted ribs, intense pain and that swirling sensation of an oncoming blackout. (AD Day 14, strip 49)

  • First appearance in comic in AD Day 14, strip 23