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== Short Biography ==
== Short Biography ==
=== Data ===
=== Data ===
; Nickname : Ada
; Nickname : Ada
; Full Name : Adara Darana Aarada Radana
; Full Name : Adara Darana Aarada Radana

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Short Biography


Full Name 
Adara Darana Aarada Radana
Feminine, child-like, hairless gray humanoid with large deep violet eyes, wears a purple ribbon tied with a bow around her head


  • Speaks in fractured sentence structure, sounding very [Yoda-like]

  • First appeared in Darius approaching Darius and Quinn trying to find out what language they spoke. (Darius, comic 217)
  • When Darius and Quinn said they're proficiency was doing things they weren't supposed to do, she thought they sounded fun. (Darius, strip 219)
  • She had been asleep for a long time. (Darius, strip 220) She was to be awakened when the Caretaker before her died... only wasn't. (Darius, strip 222)
  • She knew Wolves of the Akaelae bloodline as good, smart Wolves with perfect memory. (Darius, strip 225)
  • She was puzzled that Quinn possessed abilities her race never created. (Darius, strip 229)