Aidaron Falls Station

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Lexx visited an Away Point of Arsgadde design near Aidaron Falls in AD Day 6, strip 18. It was populated by large numbers of aliens in a multitude of races, though relatively small. The station Lexx grew up on was several hundred times the size of this Away Point.

Being of Arsgadde design, it had a natural feel to it, with tunnels leading to gardens, and is mostly organic. (They tend to grow structures instead of build them). (AD Day 6, strip 20) Orders are taken and delivered by Porter robots which are programmed with hundreds of thousands of languages (though they sometimes don't understand the order if it is not spoken perfectly) and are know for their promptness. (AD Day 6, strip 21)

The place also has a large arena, complete with arena coordinators, for Dice battles. (AD Day 6, strip 27)