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Prequel - Previously started with the original prequel, which is being pulled to be redone in Genoworks Saga

The Puppet Strings Storyline, involving Sheana, Chatin, Cilke, Collin, and Quinn going camping

Book 1

Book 2

*Note - The last page featured a cameo of an unnamed Husband/Wife Grey Rabbit & White Tigress couple, owner - N. Miles


  • Story continues in Darius, since the next story arc heavily centers around Darius.
  • After continuing in Darius, the story picks up with Syrys taking a small group of the cubs, and Marion, on a journey to meet with a mysterious traveling group of healers in a remote mountain village where we meet a few ‘new’ characters who have not shown up in Akaelae, but have in Campus Safari. Lots of felines in this one. This will focus more on Syrys and Celina.
  • May also split into Silver and Safari – What happened after they vanished?