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Short Biography


Alexandria Nieklot
Other Name 
Alexis, Alex
Human (female)
Brown complexion (possibly of African or South Asian descent), slender, long straight black hair with dark blond highlights in No Angel (as a kid in Akaelae it was long straight brown with orange sheen), green eyes.
Mounty Princess (in Campus Safari and No Angel), Ambassador/Student


Brix (sister), Tira (sister), Silver (sister)


She was adopted as a baby by King Laish when her parents were killed in a fire that was, unbeknownst at that time, deliberately caused by Rezna. In No Angel, she would confront Rezna when he attacked Sean and Stephen, and then bragged to her about what he had done, compelling Alex to sic her Acid Whip, Azure, on him. (No Angel, strip 56)


Known characteristics

  • She dislikes her fellow Humans and dislikes being reminded that she is one.
  • Hates wearing formal dresses.


  • She had both Sean and his brother pegged as peeping toms, mainly because she'd caught Stephen hiding up in the ceiling panels above the bathing room. Of course, Sean had told him of the opening, but Sean wasn't about to hang around for anything more than sabotaging the bathroom without being seen.
  • Has a Mounty boyfriend (tiger).
  • First appeared in No Angel sitting in her room with Brix and Jules. (No Angel, strip 21)
  • Likes having Gissae for breakfast. (No Angel, strip 25)
  • Was more than a little angry with Braedon using her perfume bath for himself. (No Angel, strip 337) It only became worse when he shifted to wolf form because he didn't want to leave the bath while she watched without a towel. (No Angel strip 342)
Young Alex.jpg
  • During Akaelae she had a baby Azure living in her quarters to facilitate bonding. (Akaelae, strip 522) They were being raised together because it was the way of her human clan, and they had promised her parents they would raise her their way if anything happened to them. (Akaelae, strip 523)
  • First appearance was sitting at the table while the others were eating, among the princesses not visible while the strip focused on one side of the table. Later appeared asking the other princesses what they were whispering about, only to be told 'nothing'. (Akaelae, strip 547)
    • They admitted that while Alex was going to be mad being left out, Azure would have had a fit if they had taken her along with them. (Akaelae, strip 556)